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5 Times ‘Florida Man’ Struck UCF

The stigma of “Florida Man” is something we as UCF students are all to familiar with. Anytime you think you can look past the bipolar weather, terrible driving, and excessive number of retirees and say “Florida really isn’t that bad”, none other than “Florida Man” himself, rearing his more often than not toothless smile on the local news in some story that could only be described as “shit you’d see in Florida.” We all thought higher education kept “Florida Man” away but apparently thats not the case because here’s a few times he visited us right here on campus.

5.) Florida Man arrested at UCF for, you guessed it, gun possession:
In 2003 Omar Laurence, then star cornerback for the football team, was arrested on campus for having a gun on campus and for stealing another gun during a fight. Both guns were unloaded when the police recovered them but Laurence did have ammunition in his possession. Leave it to “Florida Man” to really set the stereotype that all us Floridians are gun-toting, violent people. We deal with enough here, come on, dude, give us a break.

4.) Florida Man arrested for hacking UCF computers:
We’ve all been there, the semester is almost over and there isn’t a chance in hell that you’ll pass that one class. Most of us go and drink until we cant remember where our dorm is or lock ourselves away and binge watch Netflix while on adding onto that freshman fifteen. But in 2015, Samuel Williams and Sami Ammar decided that instead of taking the self-deprecating route, they would take action. Unfortunately this action did not involve studying but rather hacking into the school computers and manually changing their own grades. Surprisingly enough, this plan didn’t work out and both were caught and arrested. Nice try, guys.

3.) Florida man claims to be biggest drug dealer at UCF while getting arrested:
Last Semester Patrick Munoz was arrested after being linked to an incident involving two students overdosing on LSD. When Munoz was originally arrested for having small amounts of marijuana in his car, he claimed to be the “biggest drug dealer at UCF.” After searching the police ultimately found 283 grams of marijuana stashed at Munoz’s friend’s house. Munoz was ultimately charged with possession and intent to sell. Moral of the story: maybe don’t talk about being the biggest drug dealer to, you know, the cops who are currently arresting you.

2.) Florida man arrested for taking pictures in bathrooms on UCF campus:
Imagine sitting in a stall minding your own business while simultaneously taking care of business and all of a sudden a phone peaks up and you hear the camera go off. This is actually how Shaun Anthony Ragasa was caught taking very weird photos and videos. When confronted Ragasa ran away crying and was later identified based off security footage. Dude if you’re into weird shit thats cool, we get it, but that’s what the internet if for. Don’t just do personal research with unknowing subjects.

1.) Florida Man involved in hit and run arrested while on UCF campus:
UCF star running back Kevin Smith was arrested on campus for a hit and run accident on campus. Smith unwilling to comply with officers was also charged with resisting arrest. Once the arrests were dealt and Smith out of jail awaiting a court date, it turns out the vehicle Smith had hit only had a couple hundred dollars worth of damage. Was that really worth all that trouble?

Based on all the crazy headlines we’ve had recently, it’s safe to assume Florida Man rents a home in Orlando, perhaps to visit the theme parks and cause all the trouble you see there. If you think about it though…in our heart of hearts…aren’t we all Florida Man sometimes?


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