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5 Types of UCF Professors You Should Destroy in Evals

The only real reason any of us complete the Student Perception of Instruction is to remove the annoying pop-up away from the Student Self Service screen. By the end of the semester, most of us are so over classes that we don’t even put real thought into our answers for the evaluation form. We usually end up giving our professors okay to mediocre reviews just to get it out of the way, but enough’s enough. It’s time to cut the crap and start being honest. Here are 5 professors you need to be real about on your evaluation answers.

5.) The disorganized professor:

Giving an honest rating to this professor should be easy. This is the professor that told you more about their personal life than what was going to be on the test. Don’t even bother giving them a rating other than poor, especially when they claimed that the due dates they were always moving around were on the syllabus (they weren’t). Remember all the time wasted feigning relationships with classmates, hoping that they could help you stay on track with your professor’s unorganized schedule? Good. Now hit them with some rows of poor ratings.

4.) That unfunny professor:

This honest rating is for that one professor that swore their lame jokes were funny. Although you and the rest of the class knew that they weren’t, you all laughed in hopes that it would boost up your grades, even if it was just by one point, but all were met with the grim realization at the end of the semester that it didn’t. Well, payback is here, and her name is Student Evaluations. Give this professor a poor rating because their corny jokes were just disrespectful.

3.) The boring professor:

Although it’s almost inevitable that you’ll encounter a boring professor at least once during your time at UCF, that shouldn’t stop you from being honest about how they nearly bored you to tears. You definitely didn’t graduate from high school and apply to college just to watch a professor read off of a PowerPoint slide. While their monotone voice drones on and on about a subject you don’t care about, give them an honest rating. Especially because they made attendance mandatory when you could’ve read the slides in the comfort of your own room.

2.) The ambiguous professor:

These professors are the absolute worst. They’re the ones that take forever to grade an assignment and when you finally do get the feedback that can help you on your next assignment, the feedback is something vague like “needs more work.” It didn’t help you then so you’re not going to help them now. They’ll probably be shocked that they got such poor ratings, but make sure you explain yourself in the free response questions by typing in that good old “N/A.”

1.)  That professor you just didn’t like:

You don’t have to explain yourself on this one. Maybe you had a slip up this semester and needed to catch a break that this professor didn’t give you. It’s the end of the semester and it’s time to get your revenge. No one’s going to judge you.

While it’s not much, this is really the only chance you have to voice your opinions about professors who suck. So instead of just arbitrarily clicking stuff, do your civic duty and rip them a new one.



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