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The 6 Best Places to Nap on UCF’s Campus


It’s 1 p.m., you’ve just had lunch and you’re finally free from that lecture in CB2. Your eyelids are feeling a lil’ heavy, but you’ve got a couple hours to kill until your next class. You know what time it is: it’s nap time. But where’s the best place on campus to catch a quick snooze? Here are some of your best options:


6.) Your car:
The coziness of your car is nearly non-existent and it doesn’t matter how far back that front seat goes, comfort will never find you. And don’t even try turning on NPR to lull you to sleep, just tune into UCF’s Jazz station, blast that sweet A/C, and cuddle up in the back seat. Try not to notice the line of cars waiting to see if you’re going to give up that parking spot.


5.) The Breezeway:
If you can ignore the stimulating odor of the Chick-fil-A and the foot traffic, then the couches in the breezeway could be a nice option for a nap. Chances are, there’s already someone “resting their eyes” nearby, but there’s always room for one more. And hopefully the nerds don’t have Super Smash Bros set up today.


4.) The Reflecting Pond:
A solid option: the sound of the fountain is enough to lull even Knightro to sleep, and you know how much energy that dude has. Pick a place on the lawn, use your backpack as a pillow, lie back, and relax. If you’re lucky, a freshmen will show up with a guitar to fish for bitches with his rendition of “Wonderwall.” Just make sure to bring some sunscreen because that Florida sun will roast you like a pig in no time.



3.) The bookstore:
Ah, the fresh smell of coffee and books, what a comforting combination. The chairs in this place are some of the coziest in the school. There’s only a few that line the window behind the 5 shelves of books that make up the Barnes & Noble, so if you’re lucky enough to snag one, don’t let go. Seriously, camp there for as long as possible.


2.) The library:
Despite the hundreds of chairs and couches in the John C. Hitt Library, finding an empty one is almost always a challenge. If you can snag a couch, kick those sneakers off and make yourself at home, baby, because you’ve just won the lottery. Otherwise, the archives on the first floor are always deadly quiet and there’s bound to be a nice spot on the floor between shelves of forgotten books with your name on it.


1.) Memory Mall:
Like the Reflecting Pond, the Memory Mall has a surprisingly comfy lawn. And when it’s not littered with frisbee bros, it can actually be pretty peaceful. But professional nappers know that the real appeal of the Memory Mall is the lines of palm trees behind the flag pole. You can lie in the shade of the Floridian trees or be a little extra and bring a freakin’ hammock! People do it all the time, so why not treat yo’self? It’s comfier than your car, that’s for sure.


Honestly, anywhere can be a snooze-spot if you’re tired enough. We’re lucky enough to have a beautiful campus with almost unlimited napping potential… But seriously, just buy a hammock.





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