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6 New Years Resolutions Knights Have Already Quit

On New Year’s Eve, in your drunken optimistic state, you promised yourself you’d change. You loudly told the Uber driver your list of resolutions. You texted everyone in your phone “NEW YEAR NEW ME!!!!!! :)”. You were confident that this would be your year. But now you’re entering another demanding semester and suddenly your resolve is weakening. 

6.) Catching a shuttle to campus:
This year you told yourself you’d take one of UCF’s many shuttles to campus everyday. But despite early preparation and the dreaded parking mayhem that the first week of classes usually inspires, you still left the house just a little too late to grab the shuttle and make it to class on time.

5.) Working out:
Let’s face it, we’re already in the third week of January and you’ve only hit the gym once. But you’ve found the time to visit Lazy Moon three times in the last week. Now, we get it. The holidays just passed, you’re broke as fuck and Wendy’s 4 for $4 is sounding REAL good. But hit the RWC to ensure your holiday weight gain doesn’t continue into the new year.

4.) Bringing lunch to campus:
You’ll try to save some money, but instead, you end up forgetting your lunch as you ran for the shuttle. Now it’s lunch time and Huey’s is smellin’ extra delicious. You cave, and find yourself dipping into not only your savings, but Huey’s signature sauce.

3.) Starting assignments on time:
Who needs to meet a deadline when you can hit up Pub’s happy hour or the block party on Wall Street one last time before the work load gets crazy?

2.) Not skipping classes:
We’ve all laid in bed remembering the terrible traffic that surrounds UCF. We know the anger after the blonde chick cuts you off to steal your spot, and even more so when the frat guy in his daddy’s expensive beamer does it too. It’s reason enough for anyone to stay home, but don’t fall into this trap. One lecture skip leads to another and like the gateway drug of poor academic behavior, it will only lead to more hardcore rebellion.

1.) Getting to class on time:
Yeah, wishful thinking, seven alarms just won’t cut it. Have your roommate wake you up and leave for campus early or you’re unlikely to make it through the first week.

If 2017 was a shit show, be warned for what 2018 has to offer. Pro Tip: if you avoid doing the stuff on the list above, you’re more likely to have a successful year. Otherwise, you’re just going to fall into the panic-induced chaos of previous semesters.

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