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6 UCF Study Tips That Have Nothing to Do With Knowing Anything About Anything

The end is near. Finals week has begun, and with it, a series of all-nighters including potential caffeine O.D.’s, total mental breakdowns, and extreme procrastination on assignments you pretty much had all semester to do. So what should you do right now? Get your ass to the John C. Hitt Library and get to work, of course. But first, here are 6 tips to help you study this week.

6). Become a human statue:
Find your new habitat, preferably in a location that doesn’t close until super late, like All Knight Study, Dunkin’ Donuts, or the library. Hunker down and prepare to sit in the same position for six hours.

5). Dress like a (comfy) hobo:
This is the time to wear your UCF hoodie and some sweats or pajama pants. If no one cared before, they definitely won’t care when they’re slapping themselves every half hour to stay awake.

4). Survival foods:
Sustenance is vital in powering through hours of cramming. Download the Jimmy Johns app, hit up Insomnia Cookies, or better yet bring your own food. Get ready for a backpack of snacks, potential food comas and a week at the RWC to make up for it.

3). “The Late Knight Frostbite”:
It gets cold as fuck when you’re studying late into the night. Bring a robe, bring a Snuggie, bring all the blankets you own to prepare for the frozen tundra of All Knight Study.

2). Bring your own coffee maker (BYOCM):
Find an outlet and keep a constant stream of coffee flowing through your veins. You’ll save money, and you won’t have to move. It’s the ultimate college hack.

1). Nap like you mean it:
Learn how to power nap because you’ll need it. Take 15 minute naps in your pile of junk food. It’ll revive you or make you crash, but if you’re at the point where you need to close your eyes, really doesn’t matter at this point.

You’ve got this… and if you still end up failing despite your late night studying and hours spent writing papers around campus then you at least have beloved Knight’s Pub to drink your sorrows away.


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