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6 Ways to Make Money at UCF Without Committing to a Real Job

Working a full time job while being a full time student can make you want to pull your hair out sometimes. Your parents have already given you your weekly allowance, but of course you’ve spent it all on 2 large pizzas for yourself. You even sold all the plasma you’re legally allowed to, and you’re still broke. Starve no more, friend, because these 6 great ways to make easy and fast money will have you eating good in no time.

6.) Start a ramen and frozen pizza food truck:
Food truck Wednesday shouldn’t just be for licensed food truck owners. Borrow your mom’s mini van and get out there with some cheap ramen and frozen pizza. Ramen is already cheap, so selling it to students for $2 a bowl will let you make something of a profit. As for pizza, make sure to buy a good brand, like Digiorno, which you can definitely sell for $3 as well. You can even get crazy and sell overpriced water bottles too!

5.) Get free Scantrons from the Union and sell them on test days:
Most of the time students procrastinate getting their scantrons for exams, and sometimes they need 3 scantrons but can only get 1 at a time. If you’re that lucky student who only takes online exams, then you have some scantrons to spare. Head to the Union and grab some free scantrons. Stand outside classrooms you know are holding exams. A desperate student will pay probably $5 for a piece of paper that will determine the rest of their future.

4.) Steal a golf cart and charge students for rides to their classes:
Freshmen typically screw themselves over by making their schedule arbitrarily which leads to them trying to race from the Physical Sciences building to Nicholson in 5 minutes. Wait outside of classrooms and catch any panicked freshman who looks like they’re about to run a 5K and offer them a ride across campus for a price that is less than an Über.

3.) Sell crappy coffee outside of Starbucks:
Save students time and money by selling Starbucks coffee, right outside of Starbucks. All you need is a coffee machine and a bag of Starbucks coffee you can get from Publix. All you need to do is have the coffee already poured into cups, and direct students to go inside Starbucks to get milk and sugar. You can easily sell cups of coffee for 3x less than what Starbucks charges and still make some money. 

2.) Charge people to use your phone’s hotspot:
As a UCF student, you know how shitty the Wi-Fi is on campus. If you have unlimited data, turn on that hotspot and start charging by the minute. A really good spot to do this is at the John C. Hitt Library, because you already know that everyone is trying to do last minute assignments there. You can even charge more for late night hours.

1.) Deliver food to students who are lazy as fuck:
Take Über Eats to a whole new level by delivering food to students for a cheaper price, and directly to them in their classes. Usually delivery people will make you meet them outside, but go above and beyond by bringing their food right to their lecture hall.

Don’t struggle any longer with trying to decide on either paying rent or eating dinner. Any of these 6 easy and fast ways to make money will definitely guarantee some kind of income. If you try at least one of these, you’ll soon be able to order a burger AND fries AND a drink from Burger U, AND keep your plasma to yourself.

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