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7 Things to Do at Memory Mall Other Than Walk Over It



Memory Mall unfortunately is not a mall and as irony would have it, that’s the most memorable thing about it. The plot of grassland between the Student Union and the CFE Arena is free to use but widely overlooked in the heat of student foot traffic. If it can’t be a mall, the least it could do is make for some memories. Here are some ways to make use of Memory Mall before they put up “Keep Off the Grass” signs.

7.) Pitch a tent:
One late night later and you need to crash somewhere before a morning class. No problem, go camping. Plenty of room for a camp ground and the best part, no camp counselors. Just don’t start any forest fires; Smokey the Bear likes a different kind of smoke.

6.) Be one with nature:
Take time to study or just relax in the open field. Meditate on the times to come in the moment now. Listen to the wind whisper and say to the grass, “If only you knew how high you were.”

5.) Lawn surfing:
When it’s one of the hottest days, the clouds open up and the rain falls faster than you can run for cover. After it rains, the fun begins. A wet lawn and a skim board is all the fun of a Slip ‘N Slide without the skin marks or the need for a water hose. Don’t skip class to go to the beach, let the beach come to you.

4.) Workout:
Zen out and count your chakras. You already wear those yoga pants every day, might as well go all the way and work on your downward dog. Start Workout Wednesdays even for when the RWC is full of muscle-bound athletes; sure you won’t be able to see yourself grunt in the mirror but you’ll survive.

3.) Sports:
Football, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, it is prime time to play with your balls. After you pitch a tent of course. Bring back the classic playground games like Snake in the Grass or Four Square. Memory Mall is the best place to get away from the intramural sports and the clubs to play your own pick-up games.

2.) Sunbathe:
Feel like exposing that bikini bottom or chiseled torso (or that dad bod, the one with the spare tire)? Bring a lawn chair, some towels, tanning oil and sunscreen and get rid of that farmer’s tan for a full tan.

1.) Cookout:
You’ve been kissed by the sun, finish off the day with a cold one and some fresh pickings. Grill up some franks and burgers for your friends or better yet make some money on the side while you chill. Beats the prices on and off-campus, beats the heat, everybody wins.

Don’t just walk through or on Memory Mall. Make it your own space and give some life back to the lawn. One night and one more time, thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories. Make that 8 things: FOB concerts.   




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