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The 9 Sexiest Places to Study Abroad


Ah, study abroad. A six month long party in which dumb college students do everything they normally do—just halfway across the world without a steady source of income. Sure you could travel to the typical London, Sydney, or Barcelona for your program. Or you could choose to spice things up. Visit these sexy destinations and you’ll be sure to overstay your welcome.

9.) Blowhard, Australia:
You never got this kind of action from The Crocodile Hunter. Aussies will tell you it was named after one of their many species of Muppets, but really it’s just a cover for their raunchy desire; that accent definitely can’t hide it. In the land down under, you go hard. When you’re finished with Blowhard, don’t forget to see the lovely town of Cockburn.

8.) Anus, France:
The French are known to be uptight so the name checks out. For the anal retentive, pictures won’t be necessary at Anus. Here the experience is deep and the memories, deeper. Still feeling adventurous? Go motor boating in Brest, feel protected in the cathedral at Condom, and finish the tour by staying a night in Pussy.

7.) Wankum, Germany:
The phallic portmanteau is popular with autobahn drivers, usually on their way from Wankum on to Titz. Good company is never far in Germany, the people of Fucking, Austria will assure you. Just make it a quickie before the semester climaxes. 

6.) Gofuku, Japan:
If you break it down, it sounds more like a command than a curse: Go-fuk-u. Fuku is Japanese for “clothes” which will most likely be taken off “to serve some fish raw.” 

5.) Long Dong, China:
A Chinese man was given two of the most Chinese names you could have and the result is legendary. No wonder the population is so large in China: they’re packing heat. It looks like North Korea has some competition after all.  

4.) Three Cocks, Wales:
The key to handling this city? Just remember to always believe in yourself.

3.) Titty Ho, United Kingdom:
Now we know Big Ben’s name isn’t ironic either. Sometimes you get a bit knackered traveling, so blow off some steam with a couple of buxom knockers. “Going out on the pull” may be the more apropos phrase to use during a visit.        

2.) Djibouti, East Africa:
Pronounced jee-boo’tee, this country has plenty of ancestral booty. The only thing left to say is “swiggity swooty, I’m comin’ for Djibouti!”

1.) Sexbierum, Netherlands:
It’s the perfect trifecta of a good time: sex, beer, and rum. Pour the Bacardí, get up to party, and get down to that body. Only in beautiful Sexbierum.

While studying abroad, keep the “ass” in class and the monster condoms close by. It’s “U Can’t Finish,” not “U Can’t Fornicate.” So go nuts.






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