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The Bathroom Superlatives: Your Guide to UCF Bathrooms

You just got to campus. You thought you were completely ready for your day, but that Taco Bell from last night decided that it was time to go. You have three classes and won’t be home for hours, so you know what you have to do. Do you take a risk and try a different bathroom than your regular pit stop? Or do you miss out on a whole new world of bathroom options by sticking to the routine? Here’s a list of some of UCF’s best and worst bathrooms on campus, to aid in this age old, and quite unfortunate, dilemma.

Most Practical:

Located on the third floor of the Student Union, this bathroom is also almost always empty giving you all the privacy you need and no line. At times it can be difficult climbing three flights of stairs while also trying to keep the dam from bursting, but worth it for the guaranteed cleanliness that this bathroom sports. It also provides a nice sitting area right be the doors that you could use for anything from doing your makeup to taking a really weird nap. This is the Chick-fil-A of bathrooms, it’s not the best but at least you know what you’re getting.

Most Secluded:

The next stop on our restroom tour brings us to the Lake Claire restrooms by the laundromat. This bathroom offers locks on all doors in the bathroom so you can turn it into a private bathroom sanctuary if you desire. This bathroom, however, does lack in cleanliness. But if you prioritize isolation over the risk of staph infection, this is the bathroom for you. 

Most Sophisticated:

The UCF Global building is a mecca for culture and foreign experiences. If you only speak English, this building is out of your league. Go take your language requirements and come back. The clean new feel of the building translates seamlessly into the bathroom, large, clean, and well lit, making this a solid campus restroom. The only knock is location, located on the far side of Memory Mall closer to the CFE arena than literally any other useful amenity, making it fairly impractical as an everyday pit stop, but perfect for the proverbial weekly night out restroom.


Located on the fourth floor of Engineering 1, this bathroom should be avoided at all costs. The hallway is never well lit and with the constant construction that is going on, you can literally hear water dripping in the background as you approach. We are all Knights, but we don’t need to walk through a dungeon to relieve ourselves.

Most Underrated:

The timeless port-a-potty, universally known as the worst of the worst place to take care of business. But this is not the case. Because of the negative stigma that comes with portable toilets, this one sees virtually no use. Located behind Engineering 1 and sterilized after tailgate season, this is the perfect quick stop with no line, guaranteed. Don’t be another person to judge a book by its cover.

Keep this list in mind for the next time you’re in a pinch to find a place to your your fluids out. Or maybe the next time you just need a place to cry for a minute. 


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