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How to Enjoy Spring Break in Orlando Even Though You’re Broke

Spring Break is coming up soon for UCF Knights, but some can’t even think about making expensive vacation plans, let alone going through with them. Though some Knights’ peak is their annual weeklong rager in Daytona Beach, some may not be as fortunate to be able to partake in the tradition. Whether it is not being able to take off work or putting in that last minute effort to try to pass your classes, here are some ideas that will allow even the brokest Knights to enjoy their break, even stuck in Orlando.

5.) Camp out on I-4’s daily traffic:
Orlando’s traffic is seriously no joke, especially after a certain time. Rumor has it that our drivers live for the thrill, enjoying the mayhem and near-death experiences they cause. Grab some other broke-ass friends and hit the road with no destination except the road. Pull off onto the shoulder of one of the attractions exit and set up shop. Make some s’mores and weenies, have some laughs, and don’t even worry about moving your campsite because that I-4 traffic is slower and more painful than the redemption of your GPA.

4.) Your other poor friend’s apartment:
If you have a friend who lives in the war zone known as Alafaya Trail in an Off-Campus Affiliated Apartment, plan to party there for a fresh perspective. To someone from on-campus dorms, this is a whole new world of independence and delinquency. There you can hang out and complain together about how both of you are too broke to join the rest of your friends backpacking in Europe, while also obsessing over all the Instagram pictures they’re posting.

3.) Backpack around the world… of Epcot:
If you really want to get crazy, and out of UCF territory, head over to Epcot. (Yes we know you blew your refund check on an annual pass, don’t pretend like you don’t have one.) At Epcot, you can really get cultured by learning about each country and talking to the foreign cast members. Or, you can act like every other tourist and walk from Mexico to Morocco, drinking your way to oblivion.

2.) Road trip to Waterford Lakes:
Though it’s no Costa Rica, Waterford Lakes can be just as grand an adventure. That Alafaya traffic and navigating throughout the maze that is UCF’s surrounding detours plus the world of Waterford Lakes itself, when the current soccer moms of Orlando come in contact with future soccer moms of Orlando, usually in Target.

1.) Exploring the campus’ wildlife:
Those squirrels who live on campus can’t afford to go anywhere either. Plus, with the disappearance of the student body’s trash for a week, how will they survive? Visit your furry friends, bring them some Huey Magoo’s (their favorite), and try not to think about how you spent your final spring break on campus.


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