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The Most “Extra” People at UCF


Who needs cable when you can walk around UCF for entertainment? The people found around campus are strange enough to be considered for our own UCF reality show. These people aren’t just anyone though. These are the extra as fuck souls who go above and beyond to be uniquely loud in their appearance and actions.


7.) The speed team:
A large group of students who are always in hurry, which ‘ya know is understandable given the size of the school. But their choice of transportation is what makes them pop out: unicycles, electric skateboards, weird roller-skates that aren’t even attached to their shoes and have one single wheel on each foot. And the fricken long boarders who almost ALWAYS crash into you. These fools will run your ass over if you’re not paying attention, so beware.


6.) The gamers:
In a land far, far away through the Student Union, next to Chick-fil-A  are a group of gamers. But not just any gamers. These classic souls are old school gamers who bring their own TVs and GameCubes to school. Every. Single. Day. Cheers and yelps of excitement come from their tiny section of Mario and Super Smash Bros battles, turning more than a few heads.


5.) The tight rope walkers:
Like managing school isn’t enough of a balancing act. The tight rope walkers are all over the place. You’ll see ‘em falling, walking bare foot, hugging other barefoot, shirtless people. At some point, you’ll see a guy jumping or sitting on those ropes on your way to class. This, of course, will just make you feel stupid for focusing on your education: tight rope walking is a much worthier investment.


4.) The yellow bucket group:
You’ve seen them collecting donations, but have you seen the evolution of the standard bucket collectors? The most recent on the list is the harmonica playing, banana suit-wearing girl. She plays her blues as she sits on the stage near the Union. If being extra to help kids in need were an art, she’d be Picasso.



3.) The models:
No, not the America’s Next Top Model contestants you’ve seen walking around campus. Instead, the heel-wearing, make-up clad, runway-lookin’ ladies around campus strut their stuff almost anywhere. Maybe they had a late night at Pub or they just like looking good, but the real concern is not the outfit. It’s the heels on the giant-ass UCF campus. Just walking from Starbucks to the library is annoying. How do they manage it in heels?


2.) The preachers:  
Usually stationed around the Union or bookstore, these loud, megaphone-wielding, “Sinners Burn in Hell” sign-bearers are quick to point out the “hell-bound” students walking by. The super-extra, Brother Micah, even wears a fedora. Like an episode of Jerry Springer, the drama will continue and the reactions will be plenty. If only for a good laugh, check out the debate.


1.) The hammock people:
How’s it hanging? Who needs the library when you can study in a hammock! The hammock pallooza is commonly seen in front of the Student Union, but can also be randomly spotted up in high trees around campus. These outdoorsy students pick a tree, set up their hammock and do whatever they want in their weird bananas of secrecy. Probably sleeping, or crying, but at least they come prepared.




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