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We Found Some Weird Shit in Millican Hall

Ah yes, Millican Hall. The end of each New Student Orientation, and the giant gold blip on any Knight’s radar. We have all been there, whether to solve some issue with financial aid, or maybe you just really love the feng shui of UCF’s most lustrous building, who knows? We don’t judge. We explored the nooks and crannies of Millican Hall, where students have not dared to enter. Here are some things that only Knights can understand finding in Millican Hall.

Informative Posters about Anything and Everything:

As any student meanders throughout Millican Hall, whether trying to waste time during their two hour break in between their government class and their chemistry lab, or trying to figure how to break the hold on their account that has been there for at LEAST four months, they can find informative posters about anything, including shooting basketballs? …Okay. Nothing but normal in this professional ass building, right? Who wouldn’t want to learn how to shoot their shot (figuratively and physically) while sorting their money out for the next four (hopefully) years. Students come out of Millican on a new level of omniscience, ready to conquer their next few hours.

Employee of the Month?:

Many companies have their Employee of the Month spiel to boost company morale or whatever, but no one works as hard as that one sheet of plastic. It’s always there, day and night. No, but seriously. Who is the Employee of the Month? We’re at the edge of our seats. Maybe we’ll find out next month?

The Loneliest Desk Ever™:

Second floor now, a classic view for only the loneliest of chairs. Of course this would be a beautiful view for anyone who came to this secret spot before the Hurricane Irma hit the fountain (RIP), but if you’re a construction nerd, this place is for you. The prime bulldoze viewing area, all while you can do your homework.

“One of these things is not like the other”:

Trash, trash, and…a single printer? Some may say this is ironic, some also may say this is an episode of Black Mirror in the making, but the truth is that this is just regular happenings at Millican Hall. Some say Trash Printer™ is runners up for next month’s Employee of the Month, but the polls are still running. Staff at Millican are competing against the finest of all employees, even the technology.

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