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The Most Haunted Places On UCF’s Campus, Ranked

UCF is still a baby college compared to other ones around the world. With only being open for about 55 years, even the oldest alumni should only be around 70 years old. With being so young, there would be no possible way for the campus to be haunted. However, after checking the levels of spookiness, we found these were the 5 top places on campus with the most ghost activity.

5.) Classroom Building 2:
The dreaded building for Nursing students, and the perfect building for ghosts who still want to be doctors. Nursing students come here to die, well at least some of them do. When taking the dreadful Anatomy midterm, 3 students died before even starting the exam from being afraid of failing, and 2 died during the exam from pure frustration. Now, the 5 students are known to whisper test answers to current students, helping them pass.

4.) Spectrum Stadium:
Many students don’t visit the stadium when games aren’t in session, and that might be due to the past players who still like to play a game or 2, even though they’re ghosts. Janitors have claimed to hear the sound of boys yelling out plays, but when they look onto the field, they find no one. A possibility for this could be the fact that previous players envy the 2017 champs, and are trying to claim back their field.

3.) The Fifth Floor of the John C. Hitt Library:
You’re probably thinking, “There’s a fifth floor of the library??” Well, there used to be. UCF officials closed the secret area due to the passing of a Sophomore who went up there to get a good Wifi connection to get tickets for the Spring Concert. All she wanted to do was see her one true love, Jesse McCartney, but unfortunately couldn’t access the website do to UCF making her change her password before logging in. She passed from heartbreak, and now haunts the library, and occasionally you can even hear her singing “Beautiful Soul” through her tears.

2.) Parking garage H:
Every day students fight to the death for a parking spot in this awful garage. You’ll rarely find a spot, or your car inevitably starts to have issues when you’re trying to leave. Those issues are usually the work of ghosts of former students who never got parking spots, who now haunt the garage to cause the misery they once experienced. Usually late at night, ghosts will do typical ghosty things like flicker lights, but their favorite thing is to make car alarms go off all at the same time.

1.) Kappa Sigma House:
Fraternities are brothers for life, right? The ghosts who still want to have a beer with their brothers at this house obviously got that memo. Rumor has it that these bad boys still lurk around because they are still trying to get closure. A couple years back, some brothers tried to see who could do the longest keg stand, and all passed out from lack of oxygen. Don’t think they’ll have that problem anymore.

Now you know that those loud air conditioners and freezing classrooms might actually just be some ghosts hanging out. Just because these were rated the top 5 most haunted places at UCF, that doesn’t mean more ghosts aren’t lurking around campus trying to get an education. If you or anyone you know have been in a serious situation that has the signs of ghost activities, please do not be afraid to contact Ghostbusters.




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