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Yeah, Horse Girls Are Annoying, But Have You Met Literally Any UCF Clique?

Middle school really was a time to discover yourself, figuring out if you really are going to be that one weird kid that really liked wearing those white dad socks, or maybe you peaked in middle school. It sucks, but it happens. Here at the lovely University of Central Florida, the time of discovering oneself is very much alive (but you’ll probably get sucked into one of these lame UCF stereotypes). 

5.) The commuters:
We all know who the commuters are by the windswept hair and the huffing and puffing after running from across campus after trying to find the last sole parking spot in the entire proximity of campus. They also make it known by only complaining about the lack of parking at UCF, or how much the annual parking pass costs more than their tuition.

4.) Those Smash kids:
Sometimes us students are just trying to get our Chick-Fil-A fix when the quaint set up of old dinosaur TVs and game consoles catch the eye of most UCF Knights around. Cheers and groans are said to have been heard from all the way across campus in the Towers community. Super Smash Bros always stick together, who else would help them lug around those ancient game controllers?

3.) Disney enthusiasts:
Living in Orlando, it is more than likely to run into someone that has gone to Disney in the last month or so, but even more likely to run into someone that is Disney crazed. Monthly fees are paid more often to their annual passes rather than, you know, food. It’s all cool though because magical moments beat tuition sometimes?

2.) People from South Florida:
These UCF Knights are probably the easier to spot out of the many, as they are usually still repping their high school graduating class’ on t-shirts or hoodies. Somehow, even when they’re not wearing their usual attire, our South Florida pals somehow sneak in their hometown into any conversation to make them a bit cooler than our local ladies and gents.

1.) MacBook kids:
You can tell these kids want to show the fact that they have a MacBook because they’re the ones typing away on their computers before the professor even start talking. And we can all tell they’re most definitely not taking notes, as you can see those blue and white iMessage bubbles from the back of the class.

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