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Which Meme is Your UCF Major?

For the internet cats out there, claim your cheezburgers below with these UCF majors explained in memes.


When you’ve been stuck on the same problem for too long only to find the answer could be found in four steps or less. Or when you haven’t seen the problem’s final form; either way, we’ve all been there. No name dropping here, but the math professors, as far as hearsay goes, are notoriously bad explainers. It’s no surprise then for lecture material to be undoubtedly easier than the test material. It’s just the UCF Math Department’s way of saying, “we’re not confused, but you sure will be.”


Arts and Humanities:

Don’t call us artsy fartsy unless you want our stylin’ stench all over you. Creative types have the most fun inside their heads and when they bring the fun outside, it’s not forgotten too soon. Sure they’re sporadic and disorganized, but who wants to settle for organized, prim and proper reality? It’s all about that work-life balance, baby. Fantasy is where it’s at, and you can take that to the bank.


If UCF’s football season is any indication, athletics have all the excitement you need. There’s sports medicine, athletics training, physical therapy, anything that gets you close to the sidelines and the players on the sidelines.

Criminal Justice:

Knightro didn’t commit a crime… yet. Speaking of crime, the Orlando campus has had its unfair share of shifty acts and characters. Memes won’t change that, memes might be the very thing that incriminates you.

Health Sciences:

More college students should major in health sciences to find that cure for senioritis. Remedies can be few and far between but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. We all want to be Dr. Feelgood and sometimes all it takes is a few good words, looking forward in a positive direction, and when that prescription runs out, visit your local mixologist for a proper diagnosis. Drink responsibly; doctor’s orders.


Building the stuff of dreams the average person can only describe as doohickeys and thingamajigs is the future. This isn’t your regular backscratcher technology either, though backscratchers are still valid. The biotechnology from UCF’s Limbitless Solutions, for example, is making lives easier for those with handicaps or disabilities. No one may know what bells and whistles there are inside these machines, but people are using them religiously. Hopefully yours is big enough.


Many situations are ingrained in our evolutionary development socially and physically. That formula above explains the cost, benefit, and the effect from both can depend on our relationships. The perception of time for instance slows down when you focus intently or daydream. If you were a hunter-gatherer, you had the ability to make split-second decisions for your survival. Otherwise stated: science bitch!


Besides the depths of the sea and the infinite vacuum of space, the human mind is the reason for more mystery than we can begin to understand, let alone solve. It thought of these memes, after all, which may or may not prove one’s clinical insanity. Then again, dank memes exist, so hope is still alive. Just don’t overthink it, okay Neo?


Let’s face it, the national debt isn’t getting any lower and don’t we give money its value? After taking math, numbers can upset more than they can console at this point. Banks are bound to get knocked off and you can’t bury your money or make withdrawals from your mattress or couch too often. Best to learn how to manage your money before it’s all gone.


Remember when Spongebob was delivering the first Krusty Krab Pizza by driving on a rock? The study of man can actually be that exciting, and a little condescending. You can thank your ancestors for that attitude of yours. Not to worry though, the past doesn’t determine your future, it’s just a reminder for how we got here.

Now go forth and claim your fame in Memedom (Androids click here and Apples click here). In the meantime, here’s a relatable meme to keep you humble.

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