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Orlando Destinations to Finally Visit After Selling All the Plasma You’re Legally Allowed to Sell

As Summer B approaches, you finally have some time off since UCF didn’t offer the class you needed to take this semester. Last summer you were too broke to have 3 meals a day, let alone travel somewhere bad and boujee. This summer, you’ve sold all the plasma you’re legally allowed to sell, and can finally cash it in for a nice stay-cay right here in O-town. Here are 6 of the best places to travel now that you’re financially stable to leave your dorm.

6.) The Arboretum on campus:
Looking for a nice outdoors vacay? What better place then to make a trip right down the street to the Arboretum. You can hike those sketchy trails, and even pitch a tent, not because you’re homeless, but for aesthetic reasons. Sleep under the stars and try not to think of all the mosquitos eating you alive. If you can afford to splurge for this trip, make sure to add bug spray to your cart.

5.) Across the street to Wawa (aka Food Heaven):
Starve no more now that you’re living large with an extra $20 in your bank account, and a trip that isn’t too far from your dorm. Wawa is the perfect place to go now that you can order a hoagie AND a drink. This makes the perfect vacation spot because you can get out and treat yourself to some good quality food.

4.) Lib’s happy hour:
This trip might be the best outing you pay for all summer. All that hard work of plasma being sucked out of you has paid off because now you can actually afford to get wasted at happy hour. Instead of going with your friends and pretending you were wasted, now you actually can be wasted with all that money you made. #plasteredbyplasma ??

3.) I-4:
Thinking of road-tripping with friends? Why not drive on the highway that takes 4 hours to get somewhere instead of 40 minutes. Now that you’re not struggling to put gas in your car, see if that bad boy still runs after not driving it for months due to being too broke to buy gas. What better place to drive aimlessly for hours? Other drivers will make your trip fun by cutting you off and going 10 MPH instead of 70.

2.) The Orlando Eye:
After all the driving on I-4, you might as well make another great trip to this great vacay spot. It might not be The London Eye, but remember you’re still ballin’ on a budget. Trick your Instagram followers into thinking that you’re suddenly not a broke ass college kid, by taking an artsy AF picture and setting the location as The London Eye.

1.) The big Walmart on East Colonial:
Money might have been stopping you from taking a trip to Wally World before, but now that you’ve cashed in most of your plasma, you can finally have the grocery trip of your college dreams. You can treat yourself to name-brands, and even get some unnecessary shit that you were never able to get before. Plus, it’s a great adventure at 3 a.m. when all the weird people go.

These places aren’t the only vacay spots that won’t break your bank. Travel options are all around you, but it’s up to you on how much plasma you’re willing to sell. No matter how much you sell, go crazy this summer and travel the world, aka Alafaya Trail.


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