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What Do People Actually Do in the John C. Hitt Library?

As the Spring 2018 semester picks up, we’d like to tell you what you’re really missing out on if you’ve never stopped by the enormous John C. Hitt Library in front of the boujee, money-makin’ Millican Hall and the Reflection Pond (RIP, gone but not forgotten).

5.) Study:
No, seriously… Do people study in there? The fact that there are never seats, the perpetually loud ass people next to you, and the smell of coffee makes for the perfect study environment for sure. Group studying is more fun and interactive, though you will be one of those people.

4.) Get a nap in between classes:
Ah, the dim lighting of the library, the smell of books people haven’t touched in what seems like years, the cozy carpet.. Just what the nap doctor ordered. Seriously though, this is the perfect napping environment if you are hammock-less and do not feel like laying on Memory Mall with the forever-there guitar dude performing for the 10,000 people that walk out of Classroom Building II every day.

3.) Get that good cry in before that one exam you know NOTHING about:
We know. It has happened to everyone. That astronomy class you know absolutely NOTHING about is having an exam next Tuesday and your professor couldn’t even be bothered to post the lecture notes online. We feel your pain. Come to the library and maybe you’ll find a space to relieve yourself of all the emotions you are feeling at this very moment.

2.) Scope out possible Tinder matches:
There is that slight possibility that the same people sitting right next to you are doing the exact same thing, and who knows? Maybe they’ll swipe right on you while you’re doing the same. Ultimate Tinder love story right there, don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Maybe you will get matched with someone who actually studies at the library. Or the notorious table sleeper on the second floor….We’ll find out when he wakes up.

1.) Listen to the Good Ole Sounds of UCF – Construction!
We have all seen that construction in front of the Student Union and of the new library that UCF student know will probably never live to see. Maybe our great grandchildren will see the new and improved John C. Hitt library, but all of our greatest nap memories will forever be here.

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