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Popularity of Campus Chick-fil-A Prompts Visit from Guy Fieri


The Chick-fil-A in the Breezeway that makes up the John T. Washington Center churns out fried chicken all damn day. So much fried chicken, in fact, that it’s caught the attention of the Mayor of Flavortown: Guy Fieri.


“Hello, UCF! I’m here to party,” yelled the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives as he drove his red convertible around the Student Union and up to the campus Chick-fil-A with his trademark bleached tips and earrings, ignoring campus police.


As usual, students were packed tightly in the small campus restaurant, waiting for that familiar fried chicken. Fieri found himself having to squeeze through the crowd of backpacks and headphones to get into the kitchen to interview the staff. “This is almost as crazy as the Chattanooga Chimichanga Stand,” he said to the camera while wearing his sunglasses indoors.   


Once inside, Fieri got down to business, interviewing the staff. “Yeah, it’s pretty much exactly like every other Chick-fil-A out there,” said one of the student employees when questioned by Fieri. “I mean, we just use peanut oil.”



“Shut the front door,” said Fieri, picking up a chicken sandwich and eyeing it longingly. “Peanut oil, huh?”


The employee shrugged and Fieri quickly bit into the sandwich, spewing, “this is gangsta!” between chews. He continued, saying “Holy chicken sandwich, Batman! That has to be one of the most mediocre chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had. But y’know what? It’s still great. I love food. Have I mentioned how much I love food?” He swallowed the rest of the sandwich and threw his hand into the pile of waffle fries nearby.


Fieri walked out of the Chick-fil-A and took a deep breath, “No wonder this whole campus smells like fried chicken. These students love their Chick-fil-A.” He found a UCF parking ticket on his convertible before driving across Memory Mall and into the sunset.




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