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Rat Man Stops UCF Pizza Robbery, Becomes Big Cheese on Campus

A month ago, a man in a rat costume he most likely bought from Party City scurried across the UCF campus. The UCF Police welcomed Rat Man and his night vigil, practically treating him as one of the boys in blue. But the justice doesn’t stop there.

Rat Man has stopped a bike theft in progress before, but nothing could prepare the rodent reformer for this robbery. It was a regular Tuesday at Domino’s Pizza on Central Florida Boulevard. Late night drifters usually find a place to study or grab a bite to eat, but for Abbey Woke it was not a silent night.

“It was around 2 in the morning when I went to order a Hawaiian,” Abbey recounted. “There was me, a man next to me waiting for his order, and another guy who ordered after me.” She said the robber was dressed in a dark orange tracksuit and cat eye sunglasses.

“When the cashier asked him what he wanted, he yelled, ‘Give me all your dough!’ and pulled out what looked like a gun from under his sleeve.” Abbey called the police but the robber turned her way and forced her to drop her phone. The cashier placed the money on the counter and as he shuffled the money into his pockets, the unexpected happened.

The man waiting for his order was Rat Man in disguise!

“I don’t know how I missed his tail when he walked in. Or his mask,” Abbey admitted.

Rat Man opened his utility belt and two rats climbed out and ran up the robber’s legs. They emptied his pockets of the money while Rat Man sprayed the robber’s feet with a special adhesive can of Easy Cheese.

He whipped the robber’s hand holding the gun with his tail and began pawing and boxing the robber into submission. The rats returned to their master and Rat Man returned Abbey’s phone with money from his utility belt.

The police arrived to arrest the robber who was identified as none other than Cat Man. The weapon in question was a modified laser pointer with lethal capabilities.

Cat Man refused to reveal his identity and left the scene in handcuffs with this vengeful comment: “He might have one this game of cat and mouse, but as long as I have nine lives there won’t be a next time!”

Abbey says she does not fear going out to eat late at night. “I’m waiting to see Rat Man again, so I can thank him for the pizza.” Rat Man has not returned to the scene since.

“Wherever he is,” Abbey added, “I hope he’s having some cheese of his own.”

Abbey and Domino’s can rest easy knowing that their pizzas are safe to order, but questions still remain. Who is Rat Man? Is he mostly rat or mostly man? Can he squeeze under doors and through sewer pipes? Can he buy students Domino’s more often? UCF may never know.

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