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Sorority Girls Ambush New Female Knights in Student Union

Even though Greek life is immensely traditional, the induction process of unsuspecting new Knights changes every year.

As new Knights mosey through the campus, some are greeted by the shouts of the Smash Bros. players that are seemingly always splayed across the couches next to Chick-fil-A, or some are greeted by the screams of sorority girls.

The chants and the hand clapping routines of the sisterhoods overwhelm the already bustling Student Union, drowning out the thunderous construction noises. It creates quite the harmony, really.

Accompanied by their matching t-shirts, the girls love to target and talk down new female Knights as they’re walking to the Student Union. Through the elusive offers of sweets and free food (every broke college kid’s dream), the marketing catch may be to come to their party or like them on Facebook. Sometimes, even the most unsuspecting of all are attacked by the flurry of forced cordial remarks.

They’ll even pounce outside of Classroom Building II, when all you’re trying to do is sprint to Garage H so you don’t have to wait in the parade of exiting cars for an hour and a half.

Even in the small nooks and crannies of UCF, such as the more quiet places like the Mathematical Sciences building, there is probably already an informational tent set up with those tiny papers that will remain in your backpack until the next semester to come.

You have to give them props though. Rain or shine, they are there to recruit you, even if your headphones are on and you’re avoiding eye contact. At some point, you’ll just have to accept that “Littest Rush of 2018” flyer every single day of the week and probably twice on Market Wednesdays.

But between the College Democrats and College Republicans tents giving each other the side eye and those infamous yellow buckets, the Greek Life recruiters are simply integral to the chaos of the Student Union.

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