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A Spooky Guide to UCF’s Campus


Paranoia is rising, costumes are appearing everywhere, and students are leaving Chucky dolls in their cars on campus. Shit is getting mad creepy, but we like it. Check out these spots, grab some friends, and roam campus at night. UCF is about to get a lot scarier: It’s spoopy time.


7.) The Business Administration building:


The drab design, horrible interior and lack of any sunshine removes the souls of any who dare enter. Not only are the students haunted by the syllabus of their professors, the building lacks any design to promote happiness. If a dementor were a building, it would look like this.


6.) Anywhere on the SEPS route:



Want a quick thrill? Hangout near the speed demons who don’t look twice when blazing through campus at night. Basically, the drivers are the fast and furious of UCF. You’ll see the brief sign of headlights before you have seconds to jump out of the way. The students on board get a great ride while pedestrians wish they weren’t on the dodging the end of the line.


5.) The John C. Hitt Library:



Creepy right? All that learning, the people sleeping in random places, the students crying into their laptop, the idea is depressing enough. What makes the library creepy is the first-floor archives. No one is EVER down there. All students hear are the creaking of shelves. They see the flickering lights, and the occasional moan from an agonized Knight. Not even Knightro goes down there…


4.) The Ahhboretum:



If the thought of a bear roaming around in there doesn’t freak you out, then maybe roaming around this place at night will. Poisonous snakes, bears, spiders, random tortoises and other wildlife roam the arboretum, but imagine that with no lights! Good luck sorting the trails without getting lost there at night. Grab a flashlight, your Snapchat, and someone you hate, so you can film them getting terrified by random wildlife.



3.)  Millican Hall:



Home of the Financial Aid office. You’ll see lines of tear stricken students, vigils of souls who have added to the nation’s statistic of rising student debt, and abandoned Florida licenses of students who died before their residency could be proven.


2.) The parking garages at night:



Beware the late night coasters, drifters, and frat boys. Any garage is scary at night, but the UCF garages top the list. At any given moment sounds of engines revving or skateboards wheeling over cracks on the ramps echo the lots. What’s worse is you don’t know where the sounds are coming from, you just know it’s in the garage with you. To top that, random frat chants and screams can be heard near garage the Greek housing. They might be rehearsing or sacrificing one of the rush members… we’ll never know.


1.) Former president Charles Millican:



Rumored to come alive Night at the Museum style. The Statue of former president Charles sits behind Millican Hall. Maybe his presence is what devastates students in the Financial Aid office, or maybe he roams around at night to discourage students from smoking pot near the Reflection Pond… whatever his purpose the one hand extending towards you is enough to send anyone running.





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