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Your Guide To Finding a Seat The John C. Hitt Labyrinth



It’s the sink or swim part of the semester. The moment when you realize all those drunken nights at Pub likely weren’t the best of choices when you had a paper due at midnight or a test at 9 a.m. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You likely haven’t showered in a while, you’re in search of a spot to hunker down for the next five hours.  You walk past the help desk and into the main study area and, of course, it’s packed. Then, the real hunt begins. Here are some ways to find (and save) a spot in the John C. Hitt Library.


7.) Save your spot by getting crafty:
Get some “Out of Order” tape, a wet floor sign, or maybe some fake vomit. Leave all three in place. Return when it is study time and rejoice in your cleverness. If the janitorial staff removes your amazing trick then resort to numbers 6 – 1.


6.) Be ready to look over and under the study dividers for an open space:
As soon as you hit the main floor, speed walk your butt up the aisles and check for clear areas with a computer. The main floor is usually full during normal hours, but if there’s a spot, speed walking will make sitting possible.


5.) Follow the walls floor by floor starting from the top floor:
Along the walls are the few outlets desperate laptop users search for. There are usually sofa and lounge tables all against these areas and if not, a few desks. You’re likely to find a spot if you’re studying solo, but if it’s a group session, the odds are not in your favor.



4.) Look for the weak links:
Search for the tired students, which may seem like that’s like everyone there, but the yawners, the empty coffee cup tossers, or the frantic watch checkers. These are the ones who wanna dip, but are trying to convince themselves to stay. You’ll see them packing up or looking over their shoulders. It’s the side effect of library overdose. Be patient and sprint for their spot before other procrastinators take it.


3.) Reserve a study room ahead of time:
It guarantees you an epic space of quiet. You may or may not fall asleep in the isolated rooms, but if you don’t you’ll be in a productive enough space to maybe pass your classes or binge Netflix.


2.) Pick the right time:
Either go late as fuck at night, or early in the morning and you’re likely guaranteed a booth by the bathrooms AND coffee spot. Seriously, the booths have outlets and they’re mad comfy. If you get this spot, NEVER leave. Sell your soul to Knightro, promise your teacher you’ll get the assignment in before the deadline, do what you gotta do just don’t give up that spot!


1.) The first floor…:
At this point, you’re desperate. The haunted, typically empty, makes-you-question-your-existence-of-a floor is filled with desks and aisles of book where you can prop yourself against. Most dare not enter the floor because of the absurd silence and creepy as fuck vibe, but you’re you will probably find something there.


If none of these hunting grounds are available, you can always bribe someone with a coffee or ask if they will share a table with you. If those don’t work, check out All Knight Study at Knights Plaza or Ferrel Commons (the better one). These are open 24-7 and have free printing. It’s the smaller, less creepy version of the library.




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