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The UCF Professors Nice List


Midterms have passed and the semester is almost over. The holidays are coming soon but so are final exams. As deadlines rise and fall between day and night, let’s remind ourselves of some professors who gave us the plight of papers and exams and help Santa out with this year’s nice list.



Patricia “Woman for All Seasons” Angley:

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Well, you don’t have to when the next best thing to magic is Mrs. Claus herself. Dr. Angley will put you to work like an elf and a happy elf at that, be it in Literature and War or Contemporary American Women’s Fiction. She grades papers right on time, she knows how to advise you, and she always makes you feel like Christmas. Dr. Angley is the happiest gift of all that keeps on giving. Now whether you’re an engineering major, business major, or anything in between, take her classes and have a grand Yule time.


Zachary “MacGuffin” Beckler

This isn’t like high school where the substitute put on a random video clip or movie. Dr. Beckler makes the History of Motion Pictures more than a designated movie night. Black and white becomes Technicolor and old becomes new, especially in the way he defames Michael Bay; Pearl Harbor has so many historical inaccuracies and the explosions have an afterlife, he lectured. Grab a seat with a view, eat some popcorn and candy, and stay for the credits.

Cynthia “The Riveter” Benson:

Women have yet to be president for one reason: they’re too busy being badass and Dr. Benson is no exception. Grading by hand is hard to come by and she knows about an event before its current. She’s the female George Carlin with her witticisms about the American government; a favorite joke of hers is about sanitation taking care of your shit, literally. For Secret Santa this year she gave the bird to the IRS building. Now she’s on her way to leave a bag of “coal” on the President’s doorstep.


Steven “Gadfly” Neel:

Group presentations or projects seem to be inescapable, especially in a speech class. With Dr. Neel, you only have to teach elementary students as a part of Junior Achievement. The rest of the semester is lectures and tests, with no trick questions and real-world examples in Communications. He gives out his personal phone number, he lets classes out early, and he probably could teach you how to date old school (which may or may not involve holding up a boom box under your crush’s window like a young John Cusack).


Christian “Ungovernable” Beck

If Korn, Judas Priest, and Limp Bizkit had a threesome, Dr. Beck would be their product. Now he sounds like a bad professor, but he actually makes naughty look nice. He doesn’t buy or wear clothes from chain stores or with big brands. You get to have class at the Reflection Pond and in the CFE Arena for his Space and Place course while listening to his appropriate use of profanity in most of his lectures. Dr. Beck is part civil-disobedient and all anti-establishment in the best it’s-so-bad-it’s-good kind of way.


Remember to be kind and giving this holiday season. And stay tuned for our naughty list!


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