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Things Coach Frost Definitely, Probably Says at Practice

Scott Frost: his name sounds like a Bond villain, the students love him, and he’s the head coach of one of the two remaining undefeated teams in the NCAA. A team like this only get’s to where they are through hard work, lots of practice, and a strong mentor. But since the practices usually occur behind closed doors, what is said by such an influential coach can only be left to speculation.

7.) “My sweet little grandma can hit harder than that!”
The right insult just might be the key to putting the proper fire under the player’s asses.

6.) “You know what? Let’s just call it a day, you guys have had enough. JK! 80 more pushups!”
Turning a team of college kids into a band of hard-asses requires eliminating all hope as well as breaking the players physically.

5.) “If I catch one more of you gawking at the cheerleaders, I’ll have them replaced with the men’s basketball team, skirts and everything.”
The players are testosterone driven young men. And as is the case with all men, distractions come easy. It is the job of every coach to guide their player’s attention towards what’s important.

4.) “You guys have to be humble. Just because you’re undefeated doesn’t mean you’re a good team; it just means that I’m an amazing coach.”
In such an important time in UCF’s athletic history, it is important for the players to remain humble and not allow their egos to ruin the game.

3.) “Let’s make a motivational bet. If we lose to Memphis, Milton has to get a tattoo of a tiger on his ass.”
Sometimes, providing the proper motivation requires more than your average, “you can do it!”

2.) “Suck on this O’Leary.”
Speaking of humility.

1.) *whispering to assistant coach* “Say, they were out of Gatorade at the supermarket so I filled the coolers with margarita mix instead; it’s the same thing, right?”
Keeping your player’s hydrated and well-fueled is just as important as any other preparatory work.

Frost. A crest in the wave of UCF history. His team admires him, his opponents fear him, John C. Hitt doesn’t even know who he is, and the students never want him to leave. In two years our team has gone from a winless season to a lossless season (so far, knock on wood); who knows what he’s saying at those practices.

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