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Top 10 Things To Do at UCF Before You Graduate


The time has come, the day is near for graduation to commence and the real world to rear its expensive it’s-time-to-pay-back-your-student-loans head. Yup, reality is going to suck, and finding a job will likely suck just as hard. So, why not have a good time before the party crashes? Before you leave Knight territory, say goodbye Dumbledore-Order-of-the-Phoenix-style. Here’s a list of the ultimate Must Do’s at UCF, but be warned – some of these are better left until you have the diploma.


10.) Get some in the Arboretum:
That’s right. Add a place on campus to your list of places where you boned someone. Not many students enjoy the wonderful nature preserve on campus, so it’s the best place to get down and dirty (literally). Just lay a blanket down, have a makeshift picnic ready and get in touch with your wild side.


9.) Go streaking on Memory Mall:
Someone has to do it! Make it a show, do it during a tailgate, or during Quidditch practice. Let UCF kiss your behind as you run off jiggling into the distance.


8.) Climb on the statues around campus:
From the knight on memory mall to the weird statue with the hand by the education complex– go for a spin.


7.) Climb to the top of the water tower:
We’ve all walked by it on the way to the Nicholson building. It’s caged ladder taunts passersby and begs to be unlocked and climbed upon. Don’t deny the ladder of its right to lift Knights to new heights. Fulfill it’s purpose and climb up for the ultimate view of campus.


6.) Sit in the booth on the second floor of the Student Union that is ALWAYS inhabited by some other fortunate soul:
This one honestly might be impossible to do though.


5.) Swim a lap in the Reflection Pond:
The fun of Spirit Splash minus the bloody nose. Sure, you’ll probably get like super sick after swimming in the pond, but you’re not a Knight until you do.


4.) Jump off the dock at Lake Claire:
Obviously, this isn’t allowed normally, and the lake likely isn’t the cleanest of waters, but hell you won’t be back again so enjoy the warmish water and potential snake bites.



3.) Attend (or crash) one of the Kappa Jappa Logo Gamma parties:
You’ve seen sorority lane. You know they get turnt even if they “aren’t allowed” to have alcohol. It’s not a college experience if you haven’t gone to a frat party.


2.) Take a selfie with Knightro:
He’s elusive, and arguably the best mascot ever. No UCF photo album is complete with the snap of the two of you together. It’ll be one of the best reminders of your time at UCF—you know besides the overdraft notice on your bank account.


1.) And FINALLY:
On the day of graduation run on over to the Student Union and walk across the cursed seal. Take your time, really let your shoes rub into the shinny tile, and of course take a snap of you walking on it. You’re free, now.



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