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The Top 5 Smells of UCF, Ranked

The five senses truly come alive in the jolly ole University of Central Florida campus. The sight and audio of the charming golf carts and trees rustling in the wind, the touch of opening the safety hazard that is the new back entrance to the Student Union, and the taste of the many free delicacies handed out on the inner campus area. The olfactory sense known as smell is as alive as Knightro during football games. Like Disney, many have said UCF’s smells are pumped through a system to keep students wondering why campus literally always smells like ass. Here’s the top 5 smells every Knight knows, ranked from worst to best.

5.) Fried Smell:
Ah yes, the key smell upon entering the heart of Central Florida with the many fried chicken places on campus. Where Knights and Animals can unite as one under the righteous smell only the Mayor of Flavortown could love. When Knights come across the familiar smell, they know they are home where they belong

4.) Fresh Textbook Smell:
After the beginning of the semester when we all buy those sweet, sweet overpriced textbooks, all Knights believe they’ll be cracking into them all day during the semester. That is until everyone realizes that sometimes the book isn’t even needed. Thankfully, you can spend hours trying to unsuccessfully sell it on Facebook and enjoy that new book smell for many semesters to come. 

3.) The Smell of Despair and Tears:
College isn’t always fun and games, especially during the end of semester. The John C. Hitt Library is a bunker to shield everyone from the incoming nuclear bomb known as Finals Week and is quickly reaching capacity. Sometimes it smells like that one assignment you turn in 2 weeks late, sometimes it smells like that one professor that can’t give you a break, and sometimes it even smells like a student on their third showerless day of an all nighter.

2.) Manure:
All students know of the week in UCF’s schedule known as Shit Week when students are advised to avoid all areas grass covers. That week the deathly compound of liquid ass and manure is dropped lovingly all over UCF, making it smell like the third ring of the Inferno. But the grass is always green, so go Knights?

1.) That One Classroom that Smells like Death:
Whether it’s in Nicholson or Classroom Building I, every UCF student has a classroom they dread going into. Sometimes it’s that intoxicating smell of every gym bro’s shitty attempt to cover up the fact they haven’t showered post-workout or possibly just the pure mustiness of lecture halls. Really adds to the charm of learning. The step outside after clamoring through dozens of sweaty bodies due to Florida’s insane heat, leads to the first breath of not-so-fresh air. Charge on.

While we imagine every campus has their own unique smells, ours all have a certain revolting charm to them. But to tell the truth, it’s been a while since any of us have fully inhaled through our nostrils with this bitter, harsh allergy season. Pro tip: just develop a pollen allergy and you won’t have to deal with any of the above.

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