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Top 5 Things Every Knight Should Do to Take Advantage of Syllabus Week

No, your eyes do not deceive you. The holidays have come and passed, and it is officially the start of the New Year and a new semester. Whether you enjoyed your break traveling to tropic places to escape the cold or wrapped up in multiple blankets hoping for warmer days, one fact remains the same: it’s officially syllabus week. Here are five things you should do to take full advantage of the best week of the semester.

5.) Make binge-watching a priority:
Even now as you read this your laptop should be open and loading Netflix. This week will be the only time that you’ll be able to watch your shows without that voice in the back of your head telling you that you should probably go study. There isn’t much due this week and you won’t feel guilty about watching an episode or binging a whole season. What are you waiting for? Next thing you know it’s midterms and your eyes are spotting because you’ve read too much text and you’re crying into your notes wishing that could watch your favorite shows as a distraction.

4.) Waste a day in the library:
Syllabus week is the perfect time to go to the library or even All Knight Study since it’ll likely be empty in comparison to finals week where you would have to hear someone cry every twenty minutes. While there, you can fill your planner with important dates, like when you’re going to miss the due date of that paper that’s worth 15% of your grade, hook up with that person that your friends warned you to stay away from, and waste hours taking personality quizzes that will reassure you that you are in fact going to bomb this semester. After that, go get something to eat while murmuring “C’s get degrees” to yourself.

3.) Bond with your roomie:
If this is your first time living with someone new, this is a great opportunity to squeeze in an activity together to get to know one another before you’re both drowning in school work and officially hate each other. If you’re living on campus, roommate agreements with your RA won’t happen until a couple of weeks into the semester so it’s a nice time to set some ground rules and convince them that won’t keep them up in the middle of the night with your music and you won’t ever borrow their things without permission. Even if you’ve lived with your roommate before, now’s the time to reconnect with them after being away for the holidays. Use this get together as the time to remind them you don’t want to see their underwear in the kitchen sink and to stop leaving hair in the bathroom.

2.) Join some clubs:
Although most clubs don’t have general meetings until syllabus week is over, this is still a good time to scope out the clubs you’re interested in and marking down the date of their opening meeting. This should be a great way to make some friends and create experiences that you didn’t have last semester. It’s time to stop pretending that the people in your class GroupMe are actually your friends. Also, stop shouting out your Instagram in there, you’re going to get blocked.

1.) Go out:
Yes, it’s the middle of the week and you’re probably going to regret this in the morning, but chances are this is your only chance to party and socialize freely before the fear of failure sets in. Yeah going to Pub or Lib is always a mistake, but do it anyways.

Go take a look in the mirror and take note of what you see. Remember your face now because this is probably the last time your eyes will be that bright and your smile will be that genuine. After a few weeks, you’ll wish you had all this free time back. So just remember that syllabus week is an opportunity—you just have to take it.


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