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UCF After Dark: 5 People You Encounter When It’s Late and You’re Just Trying to Get Home

Face it, some days you’ve been at campus way longer than you intended to. Maybe it’s on purpose or maybe you just keep on missing the shuttle. It has happened to the best of us, but mostly the worst of us. Next time you’re stuck late on campus, keep this in mind to navigate throughout the several realms of the world that is the University of Central Florida: After Dark Edition.

5.) The Straggler:
7/10 times, we have been that person before. Being stuck at the library because you still don’t understand your assignment after working for hours, or maybe you took a longer than intended nap. Either way, you stumble out upon to the entrance of the John C. Hitt Library entrance to gaze upon the bountiful… construction? Like zombies, students roam throughout the deserted campus trying to make sense of UCF’s geography after cramming a semester’s worth of Calc 1 into their brain.

4.) The Delivery Person:
College students, though they notoriously thrive off of cheap noodles, live even more off of delivered food. Something about not having to actually leave the proximity of Tower 1 really warms the heart of most Knights. Though maybe every time a delivery person is on campus they are looking a bit lost, they’re part of UCF nonetheless. Google Maps is their best friend. By the time the delivery person is at their destination, the food is cold and the driver is pissed off, and the cycle starts for them again.

3.) The Solicitor:
Dude…do you even go here? Whether it’s to advertise some bullshit job on campus to poor college kids or just to hang around, UCF Knights are used to seeing the most random population of people advertising anything and everything. Located on the Free Speech lawn in front of the Bookstore, they do exactly that – free their speech to all, even if no one knows what they’re even talking about and it’s, like, almost midnight.

2.) The Hammock-er:
Do they even go to class? Legends say hammocks have perpetually existed on UCF’s land since dinosaurs, that UCF actually built campus around those very hammocks. Maybe they sleep there to get early to their next class? Maybe they feel at home in the trees? All we know for sure is that they are always there, even in the late hours. At least their hammocks keep them company.

1.) The University Worker Who Just Wants to Go Home:
During the final stretch of the night when you finally get to go home, you may pass through the campus to see the oh-so-happy faces of students or professors that have been on campus since the first wave of students came in at 7 a.m. Also like zombies, they walk mindlessly to reach their destinations. Though many have different roles on campus, they all act the same at night: sick of our shit and ready to go home.

We’ve all been weirded out by those losers still at campus at those ungodly hours. Even though you’re still on campus at that hour. But of course, you’re the only normal one there. Right?

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