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UCF Freshman Breaks Neck Checking Out Sorority Girls

As if Greek life hasn’t been enough of a point of contention in recent weeks, UCF has had its own mishap with the culture of Fraternity and Sorority in University life. Although not as serious as the incidents occurring around the nation, the effects of fraternity and sorority life are spreading to students who aren’t even involved with the culture. While walking down Greek Park, a freshman became seriously injured after ogling a group of sorority sisters.

That’s right, the high waisted shorts, matching tank tops, and yoga pants proved to be too much for underclassmen Chad Fisher as he cruised down Sorority Row on his skateboard last week. We caught up with Chad at the hospital and asked him about the incident:

“I was just cruisin’ on my longboard,” he explained, adjusting his neck brace on his hospital bed, “when I saw all these sorority girls outside, hanging out by those huge greek letters and fancy-lookin’ houses. And as I cruised down the sidewalk, I saw more and more of them. They were everywhere. It’s just-” Chad trailed off at this point in the interview to wipe the tears from his face. “The yoga pants, man,” he continued. “Those yoga pants are amazing.”

At this point, it was clear that us that Chad is very new to UCF. Experienced male students are aware of the perils of riding a skateboard through Greek Park. He explained to The Black Sheep crew that this is merely his first semester as a Knight, so he isn’t accustomed to Greek life and the risks that come with it.

“So you got distracted?” we pressed on.  

“Well it was hard to keep an eye on where I was going! As I watched the sea of blondes, I didn’t realize that my board was picking up speed, since I was going downhill,  and the next thing I knew, the sidewalk ended and I blacked out. The yoga pants are the last thing I remember,” Chad said, smiling fondly before grimacing and adding, “My parents are so pissed.”



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