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UCF Shuttle Drivers Host Reckless Driving Competition for Single McDonald’s Caramel Sundae

UCF Shuttle Bus drivers hosted their annual Reckless Driving Competition last week. The competition, which is reportedly in its eighth consecutive year, began at none other than the corner of University and Alafaya, also lovingly referred to by pedestrians and student drivers alike as the “Portal to the Afterlife”. 

Every year, all University of Central Florida shuttle drivers, from the off-campus apartment routes to the Black and Gold routes, meet in the deserted halls of Colburn Hall after the competition for the Reckless Driving Awards Banquet. They drivers reportedly celebrate near-accidents, instilling the fear of God in UCF pedestrians, and miraculously avoiding the UCFPD.

Joe Butler, local shuttle driver and thrill seeker, came in first place at the competition. Though the grand prize of the competition is a single Medium Sized Caramel Sundae from the McDonald’s across from Pub, it has never actually been awarded to any winner. 

“We’ve tried to award a prize seven years in a row now, and every single time the ice cream machine is broken,” Arnold Miller, seasoned shuttle driver and founder of the competition, said. “Fingers crossed for next year!”

Butler didn’t seem disappointed though. “You know, Topper’s Creamery has $1 Cone Day every week,” he said. “We could literally go there and get a cone at any time….eh, I won’t tell ’em though. Going to McDonald’s and settling for a cold apple pie is basically just tradition at this point.”

Though Miller denied it with a sly smile, students have heard some rumors that the shuttle drivers have considered applying to the Olympic board to make it an official unofficial Olympic sport.

“Who knows though?” Miller said. “Maybe in Antarctica 2048, UCF will bring home the gold. And maybe even the caramel.”

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