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UCF Student: ‘Is it Safe To Come Back After Irma Or….’

UCF’s Fall 2017 semester featured many delays in getting an education. From obscene waits in financial aid disbursement to the excessive acceptance of new students further preventing parking for classes—students have been hard pressed to get to campus. Even more concerning is Mother Nature’s dedication to preventing student involvement at UCF.

One such victim of Mother Nature’s wrath was freshman student, Jeff Smith, one of the many Knights displaced due to the hurricane, “I got that email that said that UCF students must leave campus until the area was deemed safe… so I left, but I never got an email to come back,” Smith said. Unlike the hundreds of other students bombarded with emails from UCF, Smith remained blissfully unaware.

He only just moved back into his dorm this past Monday, “I walked into my dorm, and my roommate had combined both our beds… It’s like I never even existed,” Smith said. “He didn’t even text me…” Smith sighed. When asked why he never received communication from the school Smith stated, “Yeah, I ran out of passwords to reset my Knights email account after the 90 days, so I figured my roommate would call me to tell it was safe. But he was too busy getting lit in a Deltona hurricane party to call me.” Smith angrily explained, “I couldn’t get into Webcourses so I didn’t even see the change in due dates.”

With nearly the entire semester gone, and only a few weeks left of classes, Smith made it back to campus a week after the withdrawal deadline. “I had to reintroduce myself to my professors. Most of them didn’t even remember me,” Smith said.

Smith finally realized the school reopened after watching the news and hearing that UCF football was having a good season. “At first I thought it was a joke because UCF was closed and we had such a shit season before. There was no way that we were open again AND undefeated,” Smith said.

The university has not issued a response to Smith about withdrawing from his classes. Smith plans on attending the remainder of his classes to “hit up,” one of his classmates, and probably chill around campus since his roommate still won’t let him in his dorm.




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