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You’re Right: UCF WiFi Just Doesn’t Like You

You look around and notice everyone’s still typing away, getting their work done, watching their Netflix shows, or just browsing Reddit  in the Breezeway bookstore. So why is it that you can’t connect onto the campus WiFi? You ask yourself, “Is it just me, or does UCF WiFi just not like me?”

Well, you’re right: it just doesn’t like you.

It’s a tale as old as time: you’ve got to get some shit done before class: a quiz, a discussion post, or maybe you’re just eager to check your grades on WebCourses but the dang, blasted UCF_WPA2 just won’t connect! You know your password is right, you just changed it three weeks ago and everyone else seems to be online just fine. Even your phone connects to it!

The UCF WiFi just abruptly decided to hate you and your computer.

It’s a lost cause, but you troubleshoot anyways, knowing it won’t really do any good but hey, maybe this time it’ll work. Maybe this one time, the troubleshooting option on your laptop will actually do something… But when it suggests moving closer to the router, it’s a done deal. All hope is lost and you’ve just gotta wait for the WiFi to get over its shit and let you access the World Wide Web (do people still call it that?).

And even if you did want to move closer to the router, no one really knows where the hell the WiFi on campus comes from anyway! It’s like magic! Magic with a weird, random grudge. It permeates through John C. Hitt library and most campus buildings, but it’s basically just some crazy unexplainable phenomenon that everyone just accepts exists, like Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang.

UCF WiFi just doesn’t like you sometimes. It’s like adopting a new kitten: sometimes it loves you and sometimes it just ignores you. You just gotta wait it out, it’ll get over it.


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