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Chicago’s ‘Rent-a-Gun’ Program Definitely Not Helping the Problem

DALEY PLAZA – A former Divvy bike station in the Loop is now home to a rack of AR-15s, something that caught many Chicagoans off-guard during lunchtime Monday afternoon.

862 people have been shot in Chicago so far this year. Daley Plaza’s “Rent-a-Gun” program aims to deflate the number of homicides in the city, “fighting violence with the threat of violence,” but ummmm?  

“$10 an hour and I get to walk around with this bad boy? Probably not the safest thing, but it sure as hell’s empowering,” said Streeterville man, Gary Fauste. “I’m not really a ‘bring an AR-15 to a party’ type of guy, but I guess if it’s here and cheap and available, I mean why not? I can bring it on the L right?” 

Though some are excited, other Chicago residents aren’t as on board with the plan as Fauste.

“Yeah, these guns are alright, but they’re kinda clunky and heavy,” said Mark Summers, who works in the Loop. “I mean, I can buy a lighter, cheaper gun off Craigslist or in Indiana. And then if I use that gun at least ten times, I’m already making my money back in rental fees so…  might as well just do that.”

The program is only set to run through Wednesday.

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