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Couple in Pretty Heated Argument Over How to Pronounce ‘Wabash’

THE LOOP — Early Wednesday afternoon, a couple was spotted exiting the Red Line at Jackson. A pretty fucking heated argument ensued after the male half of the couple, Jason Connors suggested they eat at the Al’s Beef on ‘Wabash’.

“Oh my god, I cannot BELIEVE you seriously think it’s pronounced ‘Wawb-ash!’” said Emily Lang, the female half of the the couple.

“For Christ’s sake, it’s not cute to pronounce it ‘Waaaa-bash’! You’re not a fucking toddler Emily, learn to speak,” Connors shouted in Lang’s general direction and a particularly large pigeon nearby.

The arguing and arm flailing continued for at least 11 minutes before the couple walked in separate directions to two different Al’s Beefs. 

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