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What an Idiot! This Child Ordered a Chocolate Milkshake from The Wieners Circle

LINCOLN PARK — 8 year-old Jonah Torrence just did something really stupid. During his third visit to The Wieners Circle ever, his dad let him order all by himself, and what did he ask for? A chocolate milkshake. 

Jonah, who has lived in Lincoln Park his entire life and is just about to finish the third grade, for some reason still doesn’t know what ordering chocolate milkshake means. 

“It’s so sunny and hot outside, I don’t want a stupid hot dog! I hate mustard, ew!” shouted Jonah through his father’s hands covering his idiot face. “If  I don’t get a chocolate shake I’m gonna be so mad! ERRRRR!” 

“I did the best I could to get him out of there in time, but I think he definitely saw nip,” said Jonah’s father, Sam, who is also an idiot. “Didn’t even have a chance to finish my Polish dog.”

Jonah, who is still pouting, made his dad take him all the way to Wendy’s in Wicker Park to get a Frosty.

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