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Mean Tweets About Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park: home to walk-up brownstones with a fancy-ass pianos in the windows, the most boujee farmer’s market in the city, and a shitload of sewer rats (even though you can’t see them, we’re convinced most of them are crawling beneath Lincoln Park). With $5 coffees and expensive-as-fuck boutiques at every street corner, it’s a yuppie paradise. But does it deserve such a bad reputation? Some people think so. Without further ado, we found some mean tweets about Lincoln Park and the people who call it home. 

 Is it the overabundance of coffee shops at every corner causing people to shit after guzzling $20 worth of coffee every morning? It’s certainly a possibility.  

 Questions that we’ve pondered since the existence of time: is there life after death? Will I ever find true happiness? Do those rich Lincoln Park families hire someone to use their pianos, or do they just have so much money they can spend it on whatever the hell they want? 

 GOD, WE JUST HATE LINCOLN PARK PEO—wait, what is a Lincoln Park voice? 

  You see the window’s on that little guy’s exhibit? And we’re here paying $900 for a studio with a window that overlooks the dumpster of a Mexican restaurant. 


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