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Report: Jackson Tunnel Smelling a Little Less Like Piss Today

Jackson Transfer – On Thursday, commuters experienced a Blue Line/Red Line transfer at the Jackson Tunnel that didn’t smell quite as much like the urine of a homeless man. 

“It was more surprising than anything,” said Mark Strong, a regular Jackson Tunnel goer. “I’m used to being greeted by the warm, sour stench of piss in the morning, but today there were stronger tones of industrial cleaner than anything. A nice little pick-me-up for sure.”

With the weather warming up, opportunities for men pissing in public has been increasing as the bitter cold no longer has the ability nip at their dicks when emptying their tanks.  

As the summer drags on, stadium goers filled with beer are expected to take to the side grates of the Jackson Tunnel to relive their unbearable need to pee before their 7-minute train ride home.

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