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Don’t Be an Idiot, Celebrate Your 21st Birthday Back in Clemson This Summer

Every year after finals students head back home to their podunk towns in Nowheresville Carolina to sit and stare out the window, dreaming of Clemson all summer. If you’re 21, or literally any other birthday or weekend in general, why would you waste it on your parents and suddenly-pregnant high school friends? Why wouldn’t you come back? If it’s not readily apparent, here are a few reasons Clemson is the absolute best possible summer birthday destination ever:

5.) Explore Clemson, City of:
Clemson University, obviously, is much different in the summertime due to the extreme decrease students. But that doesn’t mean the whole damn place just becomes a ghost town. Some people stay to take summer classes and others who grew up locally, but went away for college (boo), come back and are ready for the summer turn up! Clemson as a ~city~ has a ton of outside-of-campus places you’re either too busy or too lazy to explore during the school year. Take Y-Beach for example. Y-Beach is busy 24/7 during the year, making it impossible to enjoy your personal music or play any volleyball. During the summer, all the assholes leave and you can play your music loud and proud.

4.) It’s Still a College Town that’s Better than Your Garbage Hometown:
You cannot find any other town where you can wake up and darty until 8 or 9 p.m. and not even realize what time it is. Why would you not want to get drunk and party on Lake Hartwell or Keowee all day, rally, and take a quick Uber downtown, because guess who doesn’t have class or work or literally anything tomorrow? You, you idiot! Living college life, minus the actual college part, is the most wonderful thing.

3.) You Have Plenty of Parent-less Places to Crash:
How quickly you forget what it’s like to be in #CollegeNoParents. Since all your loser friends decided to go home for the summer, you have plenty of empty apartments to crash once you’re a few hours into being 21. Just remember to hit them up before you puke and ruin something. But hey, most everything is forgiven on your 21st, and it’s better to ruin your drunk friends couch than your mom’s.

2.) Summer DT is the Perfect Chill-to-Lit Ratio:  
Downtown Clemson gets super lit during the school year, but is it too lit? Is there such a thing? If you can’t move without someone’s private parts rubbing against you in the most awkward way then… yes it could possibly be a little too lit. During the summer, though, there is enough breathing room in the bars. So you can drink to your heart’s desire and not worry about sweating all the booze out after only a few minutes. Plus, TTT’s gives you a free T-shirt if you come on or around your birthday. What other bar would give you such an awesome and iconic FREE t-shirt to wear and tell everyone that you survived your 21st birthday?

1.) So Much More Happens That Doesn’t During the School Year: 
Depending on the day you go downtown, your fav bars now feature everything from local bands to karaoke. Groups like The Six Mile Band  have played at Wingin It and really rocked the house! So, you could either spend your 21st staring at your parents and the high school friends you’re no longer actual friends with, or you could be jamming out at TTT’s. Your call, but whether you agree or not, we know that Clemson is the best and we don’t care what you think.

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