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25 Clemson Pick-Up Lines That’ll Land Any Tiger in Your Bed

Everybody knows the classic pick-up lines like, “How YOU doin?” or “I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away.” But, let’s be real, sometimes the old pick-up lines just don’t cut it! Maybe this person you’re perusing is waaayyyyyy out of your league and you need to say the perfect words to sweep them off their feet. Here’s a list of some Clemson Pick-Up Lines to hit that special person with and win them over!

25.) Do you go to Clemson University? Because, I wanna C U later.

24.) Clemson may have won the national championship, but with you, I’ll always be winning.

23.) I took gentleman lessons from Dabo Swinney himself… Will you go on a date with me?

22.) Fuck the Cocks, Am I right???

21.) Do you sing A Cappella? Because I want to hear your TigerRoar!

20.) How would you like to have a National Champion inside you?

19.) Forget The Esso Club, I’ll give you my Meat and 3!

18.) Are you Clemson Parking Services, because you have FINE written all over you!

17.) I call myself a Tiger, because I’m an animal in bed!

16.) Call me Buffalo Chicken from Hendrix because I always wrap it up.

15.) Let’s go swimming in the Reflection Pond, you be my Jack and I’ll be your Rose.

14.) Cooper Library might be closed at night, but my bedroom is always open.

13.) If you’re not in a Rush, I’ll Blow you Out.

12.) Girl I’ll make it rain on you like Ref’s flags at Clemson Football games.

11.) I’ve got that Clemson D: Hard and ready to penetrate an O Line. 

10.) Are you Clemson Football? Because I can’t wait for you to beat my Buckeyes.

9.) Baby I’m like the Cooper Library fountains: I’ll get ya wet all year ’round. 

8.) Do you wanna be a part of my Orange Empire?

7.) Wanna see my John and Stones?

6.) Baby I’m like the Starbucks line on the Core Campus: worth the wait. 

5.) How come every time you come around my Lightsey, Lightsey Bridge wanna go down like…

4.) Call me Mr. Flintstone, I’ll have you screaming YaboDABOdo!

3.) Do you live in the Horseshoe? Because you are so hot that it Byrnes.

2.) Shake dat ass and Brackett up!!

1.) I wanna make like the Clemson University Student Government and fight for you!

Some of these came from the Clemson Pick-Up lines account on Twitter (@CU_PickupLines) and some from the brains of current Clemson Univeristy Students. So, if you use one of these lines, please tweet at us @BlackSheep_Clem and tell us how it went! Go Tigers and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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