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5 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss WSBF’s ValenTunes Day Concert

Whether you’re a frequent downtown socialite or you only make an appearance when some good shit is going down, we’re here to tell you, some good shit is about to go down! Clemson’s very own WSBF is starting a mini-concert series downtown, which will replace the beloved (and not Discover Channel-affiliated) “Shark Week” that they’ve hosted in the past. Nope, this year WSBF is proud to announce their first concert in this mini-series starting on Saturday, February 10th at Backstreets. 

5.) Live music is GREAT:
WSBF has managed to get three amazing local groups to come perform at Backstreets. Sondorblue, Whitehall, and Pierce Alexander will all be jamming live for you downtown for the low low price of $5 at the door, what more could you want? All great groups with some good vibes to share, plus you’re supporting local acts, instead of just funneling money into iTunes for them to play sad music while you sit alone in your apartment in the dark. 

Listen, do we need to spell it out? You need to get out of your apartment and talk to humans. You’re still listening to In Rainbows, it’s been like 8 years and it’s getting weird. Come to Backstreets on Friday, the whole WSBF gang, Pablo (if you know you know), will be there vibing with the bands they know and love, and you should come meet the crew! Friends are good. Tweeting to nobody is bad. Hell, maybe you’ll end up getting involved with some weird people who like to DJ and listen to music and stuff. They’re okay… I guess.

3.) Backstreets has BOOZE:
You read that right, we said Backstreets has booze, not boobs. But, there may be some people who come that also will have boobies. Girls and boys alike, we don’t discriminate, #freethenipple. Booze will help. Booze and boobs and bands, the three Bs of life you guys. What more could you nee- AND BACKSTREETS, IT’S THE FOUR Bs OF LIFE IS IT FRIDAY YET OR WHAT?

2.) WSBF Merch:
You know what’s totally chill and makes you look like fuckin’ suave as Clemson regular? Sporting some WSBF merch. Stop wearing football shirts when it’s not football season and start wearing a dope bomber jacket that will bring your swag levels up to a solid 6. And not to mention, STICKERS. Who doesn’t love some good stickers, put ’em on your laptop, car, drunk roommate, everything!

1.) Support your fave campus station, WSBF:
If for no other reason than live music, sick merch, booze boobs bands and Backstreets , then just come to support your favorite on campus radio station, WSBF 88.1 fm Clemson! They work hard to bring local groups to our town to perform and spread the joy of music!

So, why not come get drunk and hang out with some sick bands on Saturday, February 10th at Backstreets!! We realize, “oh my goodness, $5 is a whole Starbucks drink or box of Chick-fil-A nuggets” but let’s be honest, you can make coffee at home a pb&j sandwich. Just enjoy some amazing live bands on your day off from hell, er, class at Clemson. And if you just absolutely CANNOT make this concert, WSBF does have a concert for the months of March and April in the works as well, so stay tuned! 

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