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5 Skills You’ve Learned At Clemson But Shouldn’t Put on Your Resume

Clemson University, as many of you are well aware of, is a top ranked public university. Throughout your time at here  you’ve learned MANY things in and out of the classroom. With the career fair coming up, you’re going to be editing your resume,with the many skills that you should be proud of. That being said, not everything you’ve learned here at Clemson needs to be broadcasted to future employers. Here are some of the things that you’ve probably learned here at Clemson that you maybe should not include on your resume:

5.) Demonstrates Adept Ability to sneak half a case of Busch Light onto the Hill:
Football games and beer just seem to go hand-in-hand. If you are a true Clemsonite, you’ve learned the much needed skill of sneaking beer into social events. This is a very handy skill, and Death Valley tends to have a ton of security. If you’ve ever managed to sneak some booze into the games, mad koodos for you! But, your potential boss won’t be too thrilled to know about it. 

4.) Prevalence of Shotgunning beers during the Tiger Rag:
The Tiger Rag is an iconic anthem here at Clemson University. It is the single thing that you will both love to shout at the top of your lungs a million times within a couple of hours at each and every event associated with Clemson. Shotgunning is something that, surprisingly, a lot of people can not do. Sure it impressed everyone at the tailgate, but once again, maybe not something for the resume and/or to do during the career fair. 

3.) Ability to Learn and Adapt the perfect Clemson Goodnight at home:
If you are a Clemson socialite and live for the downtown scene, you’ve had the honor of tasting a Clemson Goodnight. Usually, these are sold at Tiger Town Tavern and contain many liquors and mixers and yumminess, and that’s about as far as people think about what goes into them. But if you’ve somehow mastered this mixed drink from the comforts of your home, well done. Once again, your future boss would be impressed with “Expanded knowledge of mixed drinks and implemented them down my throat,” and therefore it should be left off your resume for this year’s career fair.

2.) Time Management of Thursday Litchers at Sauced:
If you’re unaware of what the heck “litchers” are, it’s the abbreviation for liquor pitchers. Wingin’ it started this beloved tradition and once that building transitioned into Sauced, they continued this blessed pastime. Having good time management skills is definitely something that employers are looking for, but if you only ever showed up to litchers on time, perhaps it isn’t something to include on your resume.

1.) Utilizing 90% of Campus Bathrooms:
So you set out your sophomore year to poop in every single one of Clemson’s academic buildings. From Cooper to the chem lab, you were going to find the best poop spot on campus and you put your mind to doing so. Great! You didn’t quite get them all, but falling short of the goal shouldn’t be the reason you don’t put this on your resume — it’s the fact that you dedicated three years of your life to pooping in different buildings. 

Hopefully, your resume accurately represents who you are as a professional and all of the potential employers at the career fair will give you a fair chance at a position in their company. If you follow our WHAT NOT TO INCLUDE list, they’ll definitely assume you were super boring throughout college and give ya a call for an interview or hire you immediately.

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