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Answers to the Top 8 FAQs from the Clemson Class of 2022

Lately on Clemson’s campus, tour groups are crawling at a snail’s pace whilst being given the bare minimum amount of information on what the hell is actually going on at this university. Instead of stalking a group to overhear the questions that incoming freshman may have, I’ve gone to the /r/clemson subreddit to find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that people coming to Clemson may have, and, of course, answered them in the most sincere and honest manner possible.

8.) Campus Jobs?:

According to many people, working at Starbucks on campus is pretty decent pay. As a VIP Gold Card member of the Starbucks community and someone that visits the campus Starbucks… the Cooper Library Starbucks is ALWAYS slammed. You will be working from the moment you clock in till you clock out, whether it’s taking orders, making drinks, or cleaning and restocking random shit. Welcome to the minimum wage life, but that’s campus job. Pro-tip, find a job with extra perks, like a restaurant where you can take home leftovers. No more grocery shopping biiiiiiitch. 

7.) Can Engineering and Fun co-exist?:


Engineering at Clemson, as heard through the grapevine, is 100% cumulative. As you progress through the major, the irrelevant crap you learned and then forgot last spring suddenly shows up again and again in later classes. This means it’s a lot of hard work, and I guess if you manage time well you might be able to have a few hours of what can be considered “fun” in your four years here. Just realize fun will mean you’re also a below average student here at Clemson. 

6.) Bubble Tea?:


Unfortunately, no. Clemson use to have this place near Osaka called Tiger Tea, and the tea even had those little jellies that are so stinkin’ good. But I guess the rent in that location was too much for the demand for bubble tea so it died just like the rest of the stores that have tried to rent in that building since. RIP Tiger Tea. Starbucks sells tea you can put your own bubbles in, if you’re that desperate. Which maybe you are, since this is apparently important enough to post about. 

5.) Drugs?????:

This is just classic paranoid incoming freshman. Listen guy,  just like with literally anything, people who’ve had internships said that the tests are RANDOM, so just don’t. If you reeeeaaaallllllyyyyy gotta ask yourself if you’ll get in trouble, the answer is most likely yes.



3.) Not a question but necessary inclusion:

This wasn’t a question, but a general observation and warning for the freshies that are coming soon. We felt it necessary to include because freshmen need to know that Schilletter smells like shit on occasion, and you just sorta’ have to deal with it.

2.) Discounts??:

If you’re a student places like Waffle House, Osaka, and anywhere that accepts IPTAY will give discounts. Shopping places like the Old Navy in Anderson gives student discounts and Tammy’s Nails in Clemson. But, beyond that, Clemson student’s aren’t special. Even the food places on campus over charge for their food and don’t offer discounts. Chick-Fil-A please, just lower your prices so a gal can get some nuggets and fries for the low low.

1.) Men’s Hairstylist?:

Now, just because other Great Clips suck doesn’t mean the Clemson one does. Those ladies are nice, it’s cheap, and you just gotta know which peeps to ask for, *cough* Grace Lupton with the beautiful red hair, ASK FOR HER *cough*. Also, the barber shop behind Moes is very good! Just remember, the stylist can’t change your face to match the photos you bring in for them to match, and typically in college your hair takes a backseat because we’re all, you know, broke. 

The Clemson subreddit has MUCH more to offer, so check it out during your classes todayDon’t forget that the Clemson football spring game is coming up soon on April 14th at 2:30 pm in Memorial Stadium. Go Tigers!

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