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An Anthropological Study of Clemson Broped Culture

Mopeds are a part of Clemson’s campus just as much as the tower at Tillman. No matter what season of the year, what time of the day, or what the weather conditions are, you will see a moped speeding along. And with the moped, comes the culture of the moped… the broped, or bros-on-a-moped, for the uninitiated. 

The exact origins broped culture are mostly unknown, but what is known is that the vehicle is more than a way of transportation, it’s a way of life. However, broped culture splits into two sub-cultures very common in the Clemson community: frat riders and jock riders. There is not much in between when it comes to who you see on a moped, but there still lies much difference. 

Frat riders:
Easily the most dangerous group of riders in Clemson Broped Culture, frat bropeds are the second largest majority of moped riders to be spotted. The signs of a frat broped are:

  • Fitted baseball caps worn backwards.
  • Strong waves of polo cologne as they pass by.
  • Button-up shirt or a frocket tee no matter the temperature or conditions outside.
  • Any form of tennis shoe accompanied with high socks.
  • Khakis or short shorts that are so short they could even expose the rider.
  • Reckless driving.

Frat riders often travel in packs. If a frat rider is spotted riding alone on the roads, then he is out looking for some bros to join. Be very aware of these riders, as they are known to lure people to their ‘peds using Busch Lights and the lyrics of Drake… Don’t fall for it.

Jock Riders:
Considered the elders Clemson Broped Culture, jock riders give meaning to the phrase big man on a little bike. Ever seen a clown at the circus on a mini dirt bike? Minus the makeup and red nose, that is your typical jock rider, scrunched up and scootin’ from one place to another. They are a very exclusive group. Classic signs of a jock rider are:

  • iPhone headphones.
  • Official Clemson athletic shorts or sweats.
  • A Nike Clemson hoodie with the hood on even throughout the summer.
  • Cheesy sunglasses likely found at any nearby gas station.
  • A gallon of water in one hand and one handlebar in the other.
  • The wearing of a backpack that is either overly full, or completely empty. No in-between.

Jock riders are not as much pack riders as the frats, but use the backseat more frequently. What’s better than one enormous college athlete on a moped? An athlete equal in size as the driver, sitting bitch on the back of it. Try not to get caught behind these riders however, on the roads they average out at about 32 mph, with the engine wide open going down a steep hill.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a part of the broped culture on campus. The moped brings certain students together to form an unbreakable bond. There is only one sight sweeter than the hill leading up to Death Valley with the cascading orange and purple sky behind it. That one sight even tops the view of Cooper Library on a sunny day with the fountains on in the reflection pond. That sight, of course, is a full-grown college adult male riding bitch on the back of his friends moped.


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