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4 Best Bathrooms at Clemson For Emergency Pooping

One thing there is not a shortage of on Clemson’s campus is bathrooms. There is generally a place to let the load off on every floor of every building you walk into, but that doesn’t mean they’re ideal for for sticky situations like a poorly timed poop that really sneaks up on you. These porcelain thrones are perfect for doing your business in a calm, private environment. Presenting, the best bathrooms at Clemson for dropping the emergency deuce. 

Daniel Hall (2nd floor):

Daniel Hall is a very special place, and the bathroom is the icing on the cake. Daniel is a place where you can learn anything from science to Chinese, so the likeliness of having a class here is very high. Being located right next to the library, it’s a very convenient spot to get your business done, so you’d think it’d be super busy. However, sneak up to the 2nd floor (and even 3rd if you can make it) and you’ll find a serene place to let those demons out without holding back.


Academic Success Center (1st floor):

The ASC offers a pristine environment when it comes to hitting the books hard and getting some studying done. For all those students with legit and/or self-prescribed ADHD medicine, this bathroom is the perfect place to release those gallons of water that have been flowing through your system after the days of finals week start to blur. One of the best parts about the bathroom in the ASC is the clean condition it can always be found in, look at the lighting in the place — what a cozy and romantic place to drop some heaters. With an abundant number of stalls, you’re guaranteed privacy when dropping the kids off at the pool.

Tillman Hall:

Tillman is always a sight for sore eyes for Tiger fans all around the nation. Not only is it a staple of Clemson’s campus, but is one of the best places to experience bathroom excellence. Some would say the building is so nice, it is worth making yourself have to use the bathroom to use one of its facilities. The bathrooms on all of Tillman’s floors are empty at pretty much all times throughout the day, so there will never be any pressure while popping a squat, or giving it that last couple of shakes. Let Tillman Hall be the place where you take the browns to the super bowl this year, they deserve it.

Strode Tower (2nd floor):

The bathroom found one trip up the stairs in Strode offers an experience unlike any other bathroom on campus. If you’re one of those people who has anxiety about using the bathroom in public, this is the place for you. Not only is there never other traffic in this bathroom, it’s set up like a poop haven where you truly feel secluded from any public environment. For those days when it’s a constant battle between your anxiety and your bodily functions, this is your safe space.

There are tons of people whomst do not enjoy using public restrooms, especially when it comes to particularly audible emergency situations after consuming numerous light beers and a pile of wings at 3 a.m.  How is someone who is already uncomfortable taking a poo on campus, suppose to take a poo in such a small stall, while listening to the people in the hallway talk about stupid shit? Just use these bathrooms, and you’ll poop in sweet, sweet serenity. 

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