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The Black Sheep Investigates: The Brooks Center’s Bat Infestation

For those in this community not familiar with the performing arts building, it’s the Brooks Center located near the new shiny Watt Center on campus. This is generally known as “that place where some freshmen had orientation.” If you’re SRAT af, this is where Zeta hosts their Big Man on Campus philanthropy event. But right now, someone (or something) is calling the  The Brooks Center home. As of now is, the Brooks Center CLOSED due to a “COLONY of bats in the theater” until May 15th! So, uh, what the fuck? We needed to know more, so we did some of our signature Black Sheep investating. 

What We Know:
During the Houston Ballet on March 26th, near the end, about 15 or so bats decided to interrupt the show. Apparently this has been an ongoing issue campus wide, with more reports surfacing, like when a frightened WSBF DJ spotted a one lone bat flying around the Hendrix Center. Perhaps that bat relocated to the Brooks Center, or perhaps like, all of Clemson’s buildings are infested with bats. Great. 

Some gossip among professors is that the university did in fact reach out to try and rid Brooks of bats, but that the bat exterminator himself has been playing the university for all their money. Whose to say those rumors aren’t true, obviously he ain’t fixed shit yet if there is a “colony” of bats still present and ready to terrorize people during the ballet.

What We Want To Know:
We can assume these bats found the lovely giant hole in the wall of the Brooks Center left from, you guessed it, construction. The Brooks Center is a perfect home for these bats: dark, for some reason always cold, and right next to premier rodent food: Panda Express. 

So  why this wasn’t handled the first time someone saw a bat flying around IN a building on campus? If a bat had been found in Littlejohn, the issue would have been solved yesterday. Mr. Brownell would have had plenty of words, and the university would have hired someone to fix the problem. Colony of bats bite a few dance majors? Eh, they’ll live. Colony of bats bite Isaac Fields? Not on this campus!!!

Where we go from here: 
If you’re freaking out because there was a specific show that you wanted to attend at Brooks Center – don’t panic. They’ve rescheduled all the concerts to be held in various random locations, so that no one actually attends those shows. Inconsistency is key! The schedule of all the relocated shows is on their website, so go give her a look. If this article was only opened to get the scoop on the bats and to help people avoid getting rabies, well let’s hope nobody gets rabies (except for that snake of an exterminator who’s been taking Clemson’s money without fixing the actual damn problem). And remember – don’t approach the bat if you see one, and definitely don’t try and catch it. Just Snapchat it from a far and then run!




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