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Reasons the Catbus Lit Up, According to Twitter

It hasn’t been a great year of old Catbus, first throwing itself down a flight of stairs, then bowling over a poor girl on Cherry Rd, and now another Catbus has self-immolated on Fort Hill Rd. Is the Catbus, much like many a student here, looking at the uphill battle of spring semester and just NOPE-ing its way out? Is it possessed, trying to murder all humans and take over the world in some shitty version of Transformers but all the Transformers are just busses? Clemson students seem perplexed at what the hell is going on as well, and took to Twitter this morning to ask some important questions. 

Do they hire just, like, anyone?:


Are there an actuaries in the house?:

Someone calculate the risk of riding the Catbus everyday. We’d reckon it’s more dangerous than skydiving with sharks. What a rush!

That’s the spirit! Here at Clemson we live on the edge. 

Maybe it’s just a misaligned attempt to warm students up?:

Poor Catbus, they’re just trying to help! Their big dumb bus brains can’t quite understand lighting on fire isn’t helping students warm up.

Somewhere Catbus fat cats are one-upping each other for money:

It’s kind of like the Hunger Games only everyone dies and no one wins. 


Not sure the 100-song playlist of shitty Soundcloud rappers you force everyone to listen to during pregames is what did it, but maybe!

They tried:

Catbus: “Step on it! We’re going to attempt to be on time for once!” *immediately starts on fire*

Got any more reasons the Catbus started on fire in this hilarious albeit very frightening reality that Clemson’s infrastructure is crumbling and haphazardly putting students at risk? Tweet at @BlackSheep_Clem and we’ll update this post!

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