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Everything You Need to Know About Clemson’s 2017 Spring Game

It’s finally that time of year again. Time to put up all the winter clothes, have cookouts, and get wasted outside instead of inside. Yes, Spring has sprung in Clemson. That means we can put the horrifying taste basketball left in our mouths behind us and focus on the spring game. First, some important things to take note of:


When: April 8, 2017 at 2:30 p.m.

 Where: Memorial Stadium Clemson, SC

 Cost: Absolutely free!!!


What to look for:

This year’s team will look a little different from last year’s championship-winning squad. Gone is Deshaun, Boulware, Gallman, Williams, Scott, Tankersley, Leggett and many more. All amazing players who were some of the best to ever play here. But, Clemson has done a great job recruiting quality players to step in and take their place.

The QB Fight:

The position battle everyone is wondering about. Look for Zerrick Cooper, Kelly Bryant, and Hunter Johnson all to compete at a high level Saturday. Dabo named Bryant the starter at the start of spring practice, but the last few practices the coaches have praised freshman All-American Hotboi Hunter Johnson. Hopefully if Bryant wins the job it won’t be another Cole Stoudt situation. Yes, Stoudt was handsome, nobody is arguing that… but he was not a great quarterback.



Probably the second most important position battle. Wayne Gallman was an underrated workhorse and fantastic pass blocker. Whoever wins the QB job is going to need a running back who can pick up blitzing linebackers, so as not to break their brittle little bones (miss you already Deshaun). Tavien Feaster has the most promise, but needs to work on his blocking. C.J. Fuller and Adam Choice have been in the system and are both solid players, but only one will step up and run is into the promised land of a booze-filled fall 2017. 



Jordan Leggett looked like he could be a rapper. Don’t you think? That’s not important though because he’s off to the NFL. The top competitors here are Milan “Last Name First Name” Richard, Garret Williams, and D.J. Greenlee, so keep a lookout for these guys to do battle on Saturday. 

Absence of Clemson’s #1 Goober:

Finally, it would be a shame if we didn’t take this time to lament the graduation of our goober punter Andy Teasdall. Teasdall was about like Stoudt he did some good things, but sometimes the bad things he did just made you go “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT KID DOING!?!?” Many of you are thinking of the ACC championship fake punt when he decided that he was gonna go full Bo Jackson in the Tecmo Bowl against UNC’s entire defense. As we all know it didn’t work out and he almost gave Dabo a heart attack.  But Teasdall refused to be defined by that moment and the next game he redeemed himself with a beautiful throw to Christian Wilkin against Oklahoma. Sigh, farewell Andy Teadall you will be missed. 

We’ll see you in Death Valley on Saturday, to drink away any and all pain felt between the Natty and now, and try to forget that finals are coming to kill us all. 

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