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Football’s Long Gone and Clemson Basketball is Garbage: Let’s Talk Tiger Baseball

Are y’all ready to get back to being good at sports? It’s hard to go from watching your football team win the national championship to watching your basketball team lose by 50 points or even worse on wide open buzzer beaters. Yes, basketball season has been pretty disappointing this year, but fear not Tiger fans, we still have other sports here. That’s right, they didn’t spend all our money on just football! It’s baseball season, otherwise known as the unofficial start to spring!

In most of the polls the Tigers are ranked in the top 15, and have 75% of their starters returning from last year’s pitching rotation. And let’s not overlook Seth Beer. He’s only a freshman but he’s already a legend with probably the coolest last name you can have in college.

We’ve also got a hell of a coach named Monte Lee. In his first season, Lee won the ACC and got a national seed in the tournament. This team isn’t a sure thing though: the infield is young and inexperienced, the ACC schedule is also super tough with UNC, UVA, and FSU always having competitive teams.

The back stretch of our schedule is especially rough this year plus we play a South Carolina team early on in the season. They’re out for blood too since this is the only sport they’re good at besides riding horses. So yes, the Tigers certainly can win the ACC again and host a regional but Seth Beer can’t do it all himself.

The season is off to a rocky start with starting catcher Chris Williams out with a left hand injury, and the Tigers losing the opening series to Wright State 2-1. But the baseball season is long and arduous, so let’s get to the important stuff before we get into the thick of it:

Best Place to Tailgate for Baseball Games: The Historic Esso Club is a solid choice and a brief walk away from Doug Kingsmore stadium. You can get nice and lit, then stumble down to the field to shout obscenities at the opposing outfield. 

Best Seats in the Stadium: Bet you’ve never heard of the Cheap Seats!

These seats are a part of a bus that is permanently a part of Doug Kingsmore Stadium’s outer fence line and is most definitely on any student’s bucket list item.

Most likely to get Called a Creep in a Bar: Grayson Byrd.

Look at that filthy ass mustache. Sorry bro, shave that rat. Doesn’t help that it’s ginger either.

Coolest Last Name: You all thought we were gonna go with Beer here right? WRONG. Jacob Hennessy.

It’s crazy if you think about it. What are the odds a team has a Beer and a Hennessey? You know what they say Hennything is possible.

Runner Up: Jake Higginbotham. Higginbotham sounds like he’ll sip a nice black tea with a crumpet in the outfield. Ol’ Higginbotham that son of a bitch, always up to no good. 

So if basketball has you bummed out, and you’re running on fumes of the Natty, start looking to baseball. We’ve got a decent chance to be good this year, provided ol’ Higgingbotham, Hennessy and Beer don’t get into some hijinks again! 

Look no further for your Ain’t Patty’s Day shirts!


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