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5 Things Today’s Freshmen Will Never Know About Clemson

If you’re a freshman this year and you think these will be the best four years of your life, you’re right! But leave it to us to remind you of everything you’re missing just because you were born later, and weren’t a super genius who started college at 11 years old. Here are some things you poor teenage saps will live out your life at Clemson knowing nothing about. 

5.) The feeling of going to the same school as Deshaun Watson:
Remember that little glimmer you had in your eye when you saw your favorite team’s quarterback run across your television screen? Well, now you get to experience it live, every weekend, but with a different quarterback that you don’t know much about because the GOAT Deshaun decided to graduate early and crush all our dreams. JK love you Deshaun, please love us back. 

4.) Cooper Library’s 3rd floor Starbucks:
You’ve heard of speakeasies, right? Well, imagine one that serves coffee instead of alcohol and is filled with people who think every employee is familiar with the “secret menu.” That’s a rather accurate description of the Starbucks that was located on the 3rd floor of the library when renovations were being done on the 5th floor. And yes, you had to walk downstairs. It felt like you were descending into a subway station, which is ironic considering that’s the last place you’d want to take a cup of coffee from a stranger who thinks your name is Jane when you told them it was Michael.

3.) Being able to get into iRoar with just a username and password:
Not being allowed to have your phone out in class is a bitch, especially if you need to log on to Canvas and there’s this Duo Authentication blocking your entry. You’ll never understand the ease with which you could see all the materials for your classes by just having your computer remember your password. Sure, you were more prone to being hacked, but remember, Mike Pence’s website was hacked and it was the happiest moment this country has ever experienced.

2.) Harcombe:
If you didn’t know, Harcombe was the dining hall that was replaced by the Core Campus dining hall. If you lived on that side of campus, you could easily just text your friends, “Meet me at Harcombe.” But now, if you tell your friends to meet you at Core, you’ll have to specify. And if the president can’t specify anything to save his life, then you shouldn’t have to either.

1.) Friar’s:
Good ol’ Friar’s Tavern, AKA the debaucherous home for tailgating frat boys and ground zero of this kid:

Any new class will live the rest of their lives never knowing the feeling of throwing back one too many tube shots and hating themselves the next morning. RIP Friar’s. 

Clemson’s a great school and campus life seems to be improving, but sometimes nostalgia gets the best of us and we can’t help but remember how things used to be. But you’ll never experience that, which is probably both a blessing and a curse.

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