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Breaking Down Clemson Signing Day 2017

Signing day came and went, and like the last few years, it was an awesome day for Clemson fans everywhere. Unlike that school down in Columbia (yikes!) this year looks to be a class is full of winners. It’s easy to recruit when you’re the national champions and have A FREAKING SLIDE in your brand new shiny and expensive football operations center. If you’re going to pay 50 million dollars for something it damn well better come with a slide.

This year’s class is small because the Tigers roster is already full of talented sophomores and freshmen. The incoming class is only 15 deep, but there are three 5-star commits, and eight 4-star commits. This is a high quality class from top to bottom and a testament to the program that Dabo has built.

Top recruits:

Tee Higgins:
5-star receiver from Tennessee. The scouts compare him to A.J. Green and Randy Moss. Sooo that’s some pretty big praise. Higgins was an import commit since we’re losing Mike Williams. Expect Higgins to pick up where Williams left off, dragging Gamecocks into the end zone with him.

Hunter Johnson:
5-star quarterback from Indiana. No Deshaun no problem right? Well not so fast. Deshaun was a once in a lifetime talent who Clemson fans will love forever, so don’t expect whoever wins the job to be just as good as Deshaun was. That being said this kid is one of the top recruits at his position and more than capable of running the offense. There’s no guarantee that he wins the job though, because Clemson is loaded with high caliber QBs right now with even more on the way.

A.J. Terrell:
5-star cornerback out of Georgia. The highest rated Clemson commit by all the recruiting sites. He’s a raw talent plus he’s got the height and speed that you want in a corner. This will definitely help with the loss of all-ACC corner Cordrea Tankersley.

Amari Rodgers:
4-star receiver from Tennessee. Rodgers and Higgins are from the same area of Tennessee so they already have chemistry. Clemson hopes Rodgers will be the next Artavis Scott. They’re about the same size and possess the same skill set. Rodgers even wears number 3 like Scott.

Now that we talked about those guys let’s get to the fun stuff.

Best Hair: This one is too easy. Hands down goes to Baylon Spector a 3-star linebacker out of Georgia.

Look at that luxurious mane. That’s got to get in his eyes when he’s playing though.

Person you’d most want on your side in a bar fight:
Noah DeHond 3-star lineman from New Jersey. Noah is 6-7, 325. We shouldn’t have to explain our reasoning.

Commit you’ll want to wife up real fast:
Again an easy one. Dabo’s son Will signed on to Clemson as a walk-on. So get a ring on that shit, ladies. 

Coolest commitment:
Logan Rudolph from Rock Hill chopped down a tree while wearing jorts. That’s going to be hard for future commits to beat.

Clemson’s recruiting has routinely been up there with the best in the nation. These commits came here to win a championship and they have all the talent required to bring home a third one. It’s a great day to be a Tiger.

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